The Colour – The Colour is Out & About EP

The Colour
The Colour is Out & About EP

The Colour is a five-piece band from California, but if you weren’t told that bit of information you’d likely assume these guys were from the United Kingdom. Though the music itself could be considered to have its fair share of British influence, it is largely the singers’ vocal affectations that give you this sense. He just sounds like he went to the Robert Smith (of the Cure) school of singing to be able to nail down warbling with a slight accent and plenty of soaring dramatics. To be as simplistic as possible, if you loved the Cure you will likely really dig the Colour, and if Robert Smith’s vocals didn’t ever interest you then this EP will likely grate on your last nerve.

The Cure comparisons could go on for days, but there is more to the Colour than a singer who sounds like Robert Smith. The band plays an interesting blend of new-wave and R&B – think plenty of blues guitar, tambourine, and tons of good, pop-oriented hooks. These guys also tap right into 70s-era rock attitude, and their songs possess a certain swagger and sexiness. It’s all very upbeat, but with an odd feeling of melancholy enveloping the whole thing. You could just as easy dance to these tracks as you find yourself slowly slipping into depression.

The Colour is at its best when the band gets a little funky, like on “Mirror Ball.” This song is almost like modern rock-disco: catchy as hell and lots of fun to listen to. “Tambourine’s” R&B style is enjoyable and could have easily been a huge hit in the 80s. In fact, all of the tracks here have a retro feel with a more contemporary rock edge.

My biggest problem with The Colour is Out & About – and this is really rather minor – is that the disc is short, even by EP standards. With five songs barely filling 15 minutes of play time, you are definitely left wanting to hear more from this intriguing band. I would really like to hear a full-length effort these guys to see what they can create on a larger scale. From what I understand, the Colour has only been together for about a year so there are (hopefully) still plenty of good tunes to come from them in the near future.