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Old Man Gloom – Christmas

Old Man GloomChristmasThree years in the making, Christmas is the triumphant return of the Old Man Gloom Simian Alien Defense League, which features members of Isis, Converge, and Cave In. This is the fifth full-length release from these noise mongers, but I haven't heard an entire album other than this one, so I really don't have anything to … [Read more...]

Moving Units – Dangerous Dreams

Moving UnitsDangerous DreamsI’ll give the average DOA reader credit for knowing more about the dance-punk movement than I do. To the best of my knowledge, it started with either the Rapture or !!!, at least tangentially involved bands like Franz Ferdinand and the Futureheads (they all cite Gang of Four as influences, so to me they are all … [Read more...]

Bloodthirsty Lovers – The Delicate Seam

Bloodthirsty LoversThe Delicate SeamMe and Dave Shouse go way back. He was in a band called the Grifters back in the early 90's. The Grifters specialized in a Southern variation on the lo-fi indie rock that was semi-unpopular at the time, sounding like a Pavement or Guided by Voices from Tennessee. Their work at Easley Studios in Memphis briefly … [Read more...]

The Telepathic Butterflies – Songs From a Second Wave

The Telepathic ButterfliesSongs From a Second WaveWith a name like Telepathic Butterflies, you might think you're going to be hit with some crazy psychedelia. Instead, the band hits you with a sound that predates the psychedelic revolution. Remember the British Invasion? The band name apparently comes from a Kurt Vonnegut novel, but again, don’t … [Read more...]

De Trop – After the Water

De TropAfter the WaterDe Trop certainly doesn’t make it easy for someone to gather even the most scant information about this Glaswegian duo. Apart from the one-sheet accompanying the release of After the Water, De Trop seems to be shrouded in as much mystery as its latest release. After listening to After the Water a few times, the absence of … [Read more...]

Fear Before the March of Flames – Art Damage

Fear Before the March of FlamesArt DamageI'm glad I got this in the mail because I had sort of written off Fear Before the March of Flames (FBtMoF) as a band that was trying too hard without much success, so I definitely wouldn't have bought this. My first impression was sometime in 2002 when the act opened for Underoath and, though I admired their … [Read more...]

The Colour – The Colour is Out & About EP

The ColourThe Colour is Out & About EPThe Colour is a five-piece band from California, but if you weren’t told that bit of information you’d likely assume these guys were from the United Kingdom. Though the music itself could be considered to have its fair share of British influence, it is largely the singers’ vocal affectations that give you … [Read more...]

Post-Haste – Untitled

Post-HasteUntitledI know it’s an overused term. I know everyone and their mother’s uncle is using the term to describe bands of every genre and influence. I know it’s a word that most folks that I personally know are absolutely tired of hearing. Let’s face it, kids, “garage” is the new “grunge.” So what happens when a band comes along with a … [Read more...]

Melk the G6-49 – Glossolalia

Melk the G6-49GlossolaliaThe first time I put this disc in my stereo, I had no freaking clue what the hell was going on. Thoroughly at a loss as to what had just happened, I put the record back in my stack of promos and figured I’d find a way to deal with it some other time. After a few days, I started playing the record for my friends in a “check … [Read more...]

Mister Metaphor – Die on the High Road EP

Mister MetaphorDie on the High Road EPTrue Confession No. 45: Despite occasional name-dropping and elitist attitude that’s been taken in reviews written and yet to be wrote by me, I was a clichéd emo kid. The first “emo/indie” album I heard was Jawbreaker’s Dear You. The first time I heard “Accident Prone,” I was hooked and began a quest … [Read more...]