Constants – Nostalgia for the Future

Nostalgia for the Future

I honestly don’t understand bands like Constants. I would be lying through my teeth if I didn’t tell you that Nostalgia for the Future sounds just like Incubus minus the DJ. It has the whole nasally vocal thing down just like that whole crowd of radio-rock junk. At times the singer’s voice makes it sound like Coheed & Cambria as well. Unfortunately what makes those bands seem cool to some people (certainly not me) is that they can at least write decent songs. I’ll be the first to say that I hate Incubus but that I can at least understand that how through clever marketing to the least competent portions of our population that Incubus’ songs could seem like a better idea than Dave Matthews, Creed, or whatever garbage seems to be getting dumped upon us by the truckload every day.

Constants is certainly not the worst band I have ever heard, but there isn’t much here to keep you coming back for more either. The record meanders along, there are loud parts and quiet parts that blend together, but it just seems very bland and boring. Maybe you’ve heard this all somewhere before. The songs themselves just aren’t well written enough to hold my attention for more than a minute. I found myself skipping from track to track faster than you can say “next.” There aren’t any hooks that I could find.

Knowing that this is Constants first record, I’ll cut the band some slack here and say that it is possible that next time around it could be better. There are some interesting space-rock type guitar parts here that remind me of Failure, but they are few and far between. Cutting down on the lengthy track times would be a good way to cut out some of the fat as well considering that the band can’t seem to hold its own when attempting to stretch its legs out. Better luck next time guys.