The Distance – Your Closest Enemies EP

The Distance
Your Closest Enemies EP

We have here another excellent old-school hardcore release on Bridge Nine. I’ve gotten a ton of stuff from this label lately, and almost none of it has been disappointing at all. Not all is amazing, but you can always expect a high level of quality from any Bridge Nine release.

Your Closest Enemies is The Distance’s debut EP, full of blazing riff after riff and totally pissed-off vocals. The band got signed to Bridge Nine after its excellent 2002 demo that not only turned the heads of listeners but obviously impressed the kind folks at Bridge Nine.

As song titles like “Get Fucked” would hint at, the lyrics on this album aren’t exactly subtle. For example, take, “You think you’ll get the best of me / But not this time / What the fuck did you ever do / not a fucking thing.” This stuff is totally volatile and angry, exactly the way I like my hardcore.

The production on this beast is badass and the packaging gives the EP a complete feel. Zeuss handled the production of these six songs shortly after he finished work on Hatebreed’s The Rise of Brutality, so he definitely had a good mindset while he twisted the knobs on this one. The CD omes in a little cardcoard case with a nice color scheme and great artwork – the front has two guys that look like friends standing next to each other and the back shows that the guys really have knives behind their backs – that really fits well with the Your Closest Enemies feel. Also there is a bonus video that is a legit music video, not just live footage.

There’s six great, volatile songs, a music video, great production, neat packaging: this release has it all. Definitely a must have if you are a fan of the legacy that Bridge Nine is building.