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Frausdots – Couture, Couture, Couture

FrausdotsCouture, Couture, CoutureUpon first listen, Couture, Couture, Couture comes across as a pretty dark album, with a Gary-Numan coldness to it. Upon successive spins, however, the album reveals a greater depth and warmth. While a few of the songs are instantly catchy and hummable, most require a few passes before they make you aware of their … [Read more...]

Outbreak – S/T

OutbreakS/TLike so many of the newer Bridge 9 releases, Outbreak’s You Make Us Sick sounds a little different than what I typically think of when I think Bridge 9. The band cranks out 15 songs in a little over 15 minutes, so you know these are some short, brutally pissed-off bursts of aggression. This is fast hardcore/punk with very direct chord … [Read more...]

Slowdive – Catch the Breeze

SlowdiveCatch the BreezeBeing a huge Slowdive fan, I've always thought that it got the short end of the stick in regards to the history of the shoegaze scene. Every time I pick up a magazine that has some article about the long defunct "scene that celebrates itself," it never fails to mention how great My Bloody Valentine is (note: MBV's Loveless … [Read more...]

Sally Timms – In the World of Him

Sally TimmsIn the World of HimSally Timms’ most recent solo effort, In the World of Him is a gender-bending confessional of masculine thought and emotion filtered through Timms’ unquestionably feminine voice. Sally, who sings for the Mekons, collected a variety of songs written by men and sings them from a male perspective. No pronouns are changed, … [Read more...]

Matthew Puckett – Sad Little Car EP

Matthew PuckettSad Little Car EPMatthew Puckett steps away from his full-time band, appropriately named Puckett, to offer up this release, a beautiful and moving EP of songs put together in his first effort to score a film. The film, Particles of Truth, is a love story set in New York City about vulnerable, scared, and passionate people in their … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Friday Night Lights Soundtrack

Various ArtistsFriday Night Lights SoundtrackAt first glance, the idea of Explosions in the Sky constructing a soundtrack to a movie about football borders on the arched-brow irony of Belle & Sebastian scoring the latest jingo-fest by “Hollywood hawk” (or hack) Jerry Bruckheimer. Certainly EITS’s brand of epic guitar bombast and visceral platitudes … [Read more...]

Pete Muller – More Than This

Pete MullerMore Than ThisPete Muller's debut album More Than This is a simple exercise in polite, conventional balladry. Muller is a former investment banker who left that behind to start a recording career, and a lot of his songs celebrate being easygoing and carefree, leaving behind a distasteful rat race. Good for him, I suppose. Some of these … [Read more...]

Golden Shoulders – Friendship is Deep

Golden ShouldersFriendship is DeepIn that vast sea of fuzzy, DIY indie-pop, Golden Shoulders are exactly where they deserve to be. Somewhere between a passable combination of Guided By Voices and Cake and a more exciting synthesis of the Beatles and Pavement is where this band calls home – a stretch of musical real estate whose borders may be in … [Read more...]

Entre Rios – Sal

Entre RiosSalRight now, I'm kicking myself for not paying attention in Spanish class. Sure, I took elementary Spanish in the fourth grade and know that "naranja" means "orange". I also took Spanish in high school. Unfortunately, my "teacher" was a computer and was less than an engaging speaker/learning tool. As a result, I know how to ask "Where is … [Read more...]

Salem – New York – Tribeca Rock Club, NY – 2004-11-13

SalemWhere: New York - Tribeca Rock Club, NY.When: 2004-11-13In the 90s she was Hollywood's "next big thing," known for her ballsy choice of roles which include Natural Born Killers, Cape Fear, and Kalifornia. She didn't look like the other actresses, and she didn't act like them either. She came from someplace darker, sexier, crazier. Juliette … [Read more...]