Outbreak – S/T

Like so many of the newer Bridge 9 releases, Outbreak’s You Make Us Sick sounds a little different than what I typically think of when I think Bridge 9. The band cranks out 15 songs in a little over 15 minutes, so you know these are some short, brutally pissed-off bursts of aggression. This is fast hardcore/punk with very direct chord progressions and a vicious sneering vocal attack. The vocals really give Outbreak a lot more personality and character than other bands with bland yelling.

Musically there isn’t much diversity or variation, but there is some slight differences from song to song that are noteworthy. “No One Cares” is a slower track that has a part that is almost a moshable metalcore-type breakdown, but still distinctly rooted in punk. With its slight crossover punk/metal/thrash feel, “Pushed Aside” is a raging 26 seconds of corrosive anger. “You’re a Waste” is one of the more notable songs with a rocked-out feel that makes it almost catchy if you like to sing along to extremely pissed-off lyrics.

Let me tell you, these guys are super pissed off – I haven‘t been making it up for the last two paragraphs of this review. Only one of the 15 songs doesn’t say “fuck” continuously. The lyrics other than “fuck” are pretty violent and volatile as well. “Do me a favor, fucking die,” for example. Pure hostility. I don’t know if these guys are huge menacing guys or not, but regardless of their size, I wouldn’t fuck with them.

I don’t know if this will suit the label’s fans as well as some of the other new Bridge 9 stuff, but unless you’re a total straight-edge Nazi, you should find something to like in Outbreak’s intense and pissed-off You Make Us Sick. It is heavy, fast, and angry, which is essential for this type of music. You all know the stuff I’m talking about, and you know if you like it or not. I’m not usually that big of a fan, but Outbreak is definitely above average.