Dead to Fall – Villainy and Virtue

Dead to Fall
Villainy and Virtue

I’ve been a fan of Dead to Fall since just before Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces came out, and although the band plays somewhat generic metalcore, it does it very well. The front cover of Villainy and Virtue is a fierce lizard warrior fighting an eagle warrior, which fits because Dead to Fall sounds like a hardcore warrior is jostling for position with a death-metal warrior. The listener wins the battle with an excellent metalcore album.

The sound of this new album is pretty much the same as the older one, but Villainy and Virtue is way more focused and I think more successful. Also, I hear a lot more death metal shining through in the guitars than I had figured there would be, which is a nice bonus. However, the band still delves into that Swedish stuff occasionally, but I’m willing to forgive.

Virtually every track is filled with death- and black-metal-influenced riffs and tons of breakdowns. The breakdowns on this one might actually be heavier than on Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces. The production is good, and since these guys are on Victory, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see them getting coverage on Headbanger’s Ball.

By the way, the artwork on this is by the same guy that did the breathtaking work on Mastodon’s new album, so you know it is high quality. It goes hand in hand with the album title, the band’s sound, and the band’s attitude. I don‘t think you could ask for more.

If you are into metalcore and don’t know Dead to Fall, you‘ve got some serious issues, even though the band has been inactive for a while because of lineup issues. Anyway, if you liked Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces, you will love Villainy and Virtue. It takes some of the old, mixes in new elements, and eclipses the band’s older work. Buy this.