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The Deadly Snakes – Orlando – House of Blues, FL – 2004-11-24

The Deadly SnakesWhere: Orlando - House of Blues, FL.When: 2004-11-24It's hard for some to get past the media hype surroundint The Hives and actually give them a fair listen. They got swept up in the whole garage-rock takeover alongside The Strokes, The White Stripes, and The Vines. It's easy to dismiss them as another group jumping on the … [Read more...]

Animal – Sawn Creator

AnimalSawn CreatorIt seems that with home-made, lo-fi music, you run the risk of making music that's always going to be more interesting to you than it is to other people. And, come to think of it, that goes for any music made by anyone. And it applies to more things than just music, really. Whatever the medium, the artist may end up with art that … [Read more...]

The Transmissionary Six – Get Down

The Transmissionary SixGet DownHaving courageously jumped from their respective motherships just as alt-country mediocrity really began to set in, the duo of Terri Moeller (erstwhile drummer to The Walkabouts) and Paul Austin (former Willard Grant Conspiracy guitarist/songwriter) have made a compelling effort - as The Transmissionary Six - to rid … [Read more...]

The Je Ne Sais Quoi – Secret Language EP

The Je Ne Sais QuoiSecret Language EPYet another hard-rocking Swedish outfit with explosive riffs and juggernaut rhythms, the Je Ne Sais Quoi defies its pretentious moniker by pummeling you with the edgy angularity of Wire after a few too many drinks at the milkbar. Providing the same dangerous joy as Seattle’s fantastic A-Frames with tortured … [Read more...]

Allison Crowe – Tidings

Allison CroweTidingsTis the season for packed malls, angry shoppers, and Christmas music. It seems anywhere you go from mid-November on, your ears will be bombarded with techno-carols and muzak versions of traditional pieces. It’s enough to make even those most filled with the joy of the season feel overwhelmed - and let’s not even get started on … [Read more...]

Stellarscope – Wasted Time EP

StellarscopeWasted Time EPWhat is it about the sound of crashing waves that is so relaxing? The experience is entirely destructive, chaotic, and most of all raucous, yet one can hardly help but feel awash in serenity merely sitting and listening to the pounding surf. Well, the veteran space-pop group Stellarscope has managed to plug directly into … [Read more...]

The Dwarves – The Dwarves Must Die

The DwarvesThe Dwarves Must DieThe Dwarves are a bunch of assholes. Blag Dahlia (vox) and HeWhoCanNotBeNamed (guitars) are perpetual 13-year-old dickweeds with heads full of violent, cock n’ balls-inspired punk rock. They hate everyone (including themselves, as they’ve faked their own deaths for the sake of publicity [pending]), and their mouths … [Read more...]

Le Futur Pompiste – Your Stories and Your Thoughts

Le Futur PompisteYour Stories and Your ThoughtsSome people believe that too much of something good can be bad for you, and I suppose this extends to the music sphere. Fortunately for lovers of 60s-style lounge pop in the southern European and Brazilian vein, Le Futur Pompiste’s new addition to the genre does not diminish the charms or joy of the … [Read more...]

The Winter Blanket – Prescription Perils

The Winter BlanketPrescription PerilsThe Winter Blanket has long had a close affiliation with Low. Low's Alan Sparhawk even produced The Winter Blanket's first two full-length albums. Needless to say, this band bore significant similarities to the slow-core pop stylings of masters of that genre Low, but they were strong releases in their own right. … [Read more...]

Four Tet – Divorce Series: Number One Split 7"

Four TetDivorce Series: Number One Split 7"Very rarely do I find myself in the position to write about a release that actually leaves my verbose self scrambling for a way to describe something ... So I say ‘kudos’ to Ache Records for managing to leave me somewhat at a loss for words with the first installment of the label’s 7” ‘Divorce … [Read more...]