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I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House – Menace

I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the HouseMenaceI Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House’s Mike D sure has his heart in the right place. On the Portland, Oregon bands’ third album of raucous country-punk, he testifies with liberal, populist rage against religious hypocrisy, our current administrations’ misguided foreign policies, and ignorance in … [Read more...]

Gosling – S/T EP

GoslingS/T EPThere once was a band called Loudermilk. A bad name, perhaps, but there had been and would be bands with even worse monikers (Hoobastank?). Loudermilk's music, however, was good. Really good. So good that the quartet was pulled out of its hometown of Tri-cities, Wa and signed to the Dreamworks record label. The band released its … [Read more...]

Mouse on Mars – Radical Connector

Mouse on MarsRadical ConnectorIn 2004, Jan St.Werner and Andi Toma, aka Mouse on Mars, celebrated their 10th anniversary. Starting as an avant-garde experiment in electronic music and philosophy, Mouse on Mars has evolved into one of the biggest musical exports from Germany. After a decade of producing music, the duo has released eight full-length … [Read more...]

Reverend Horton Heat – Revival

Reverend Horton HeatRevivalHaving been a fan of the Reverend Horton Heat for quite a bit of the band's 20-year career, I always look forward to the trio’s new releases and annual visits to my city for some of the rowdiest shows I’ve ever seen. The Rev a.k.a. Jim Heath has written some of the best party songs ever - from “Bales of Cocaine” to … [Read more...]

El Buzzard – Tranquilizante del Elefante EP

El BuzzardTranquilizante del Elefante EPI have plenty of reason to believe that El Buzzard may have just produced the shortest stoner-rock or stoner-metal record in existence. All of the required elements are here all right: sludgy downtuned guitars, thunderous drums, bass that is so low it will move your fucking bowels, and a singer that sounds … [Read more...]

FrankBlackFrancis – S/T 2xCD

FrankBlackFrancisS/T 2xCDWhilst the Pixies’ reunification this year has been heralded as some kind of second coming, so far it’s only really been about consolidating a legacy, collecting just financial deserts, and trotting through the “hits” with the gusto of a band now loved in the present, not lost in the past. However, without any new material … [Read more...]

Pipas – Bitter Club EP

PipasBitter Club EPSometimes short and sweet is the better way to go. I mean, really, when you want a milkshake, you want a milkshake, not the whole damned ice cream truck, right? Such is the case with Pipas’ newest EP, Bitter Club, which features six all-too-short tracks of the band's beat-driven, ethereal indie pop. “Mental” kicks off … [Read more...]

The Constantines – S/T

The ConstantinesS/TThe Constantines’ 2003 sophomore release, Shine a Light, had all the makings of an indie-rock classic: a Sprinsteen via Fugazi poetic romanticism, pounding post-punk guitars, a Sub Pop distribution deal, and a shitload of press. Surprisingly enough, the disc remained buried, relegated to second-rate status under the mountains of … [Read more...]

Gregg Yeti – Rochester – Visual Studies Workshop, NY – 2004-10-23

Gregg YetiWhere: Rochester - Visual Studies Workshop, NY.When: 2004-10-23See, all along I had this theory. It seems that Rochester, NY, had tremendous potential for live music. It’s a great stopping point between cities like NYC, Toronto, Cleveland, Detroit, and others. It has five decent-sized colleges with 15 minutes of each other. It’s one of … [Read more...]

Cerberus Shoal – S/T

Cerberus ShoalS/TCerberus Shoal is one of the most unusual bands in my collection. In the Portland, Maine band's 10-year career, the act has gone from a hardcore-influenced sound to a gorgeous, primarily instrumental post-rock sound to something significantly more experimental and world music influenced. The band started as a four-piece in 1994 - … [Read more...]