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For Against – Echelons

For AgainstEchelonsEchelons originally came out on the Independent Project label in 1986, and its impact was both immediate and lasting. For Against - from Lincoln, Nebraska - had put together an amazing album that challenged the supremacy of Britain's engagingly gloomy early-to-mid-80s outfits (the Cure, Joy Division, the Chameleons). Words on … [Read more...]

Struction – 13 Minutes of Love and Doom EP

Struction13 Minutes of Love and Doom EPIt’s really frustrating when an otherwise excellent record is soiled by a single conspicuous fault. The most common fatal flaw is slick overproduction. Then there’s the mistake of inserting superfluous sound effects. Other times the lyrics are so horrendous it ruins the music and renders it unlistenable. With … [Read more...]

Gasoline Fight – Useless Piece of Weaponry EP

Gasoline FightUseless Piece of Weaponry EPI've got to say that I was expecting something quite different from this record. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I actually heard once I hit the play button. Apparently the band has members of Sweep the Leg Johnny and Small Brown Bike, but being unfamiliar … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Poor Boy: Songs of Nick Drake

Various ArtistsPoor Boy: Songs of Nick DrakeThe songs of Nick Drake have been re-done and covered by such a multitude of artists that this compilation shouldn’t be anything special, yet Poor Boy: Songs of Nick Drake is a stunning album. The brainchild of Songlines label-owner Tony Reif, Poor Boy contains 14 tracks by Seattle and Vancouver artists, … [Read more...]

Re: – Alms

Re:AlmsThere is an incredible number of sound-portraits and lyrical clips of found sounds on Alms, the second full-length player from the Constellation duo Re:, but there’s little in the way of “songs.” The record just doesn’t seem interested in them, even as fodder or fuel or foundation for further experimentation. That’s not to say Alms is one of … [Read more...]

Auburn Lull – Cast from the Platform

Auburn LullCast from the PlatformSmart people are wondering, just what is space rock? Billed as pioneers in this rather amorphous sub-genre, Auburn Lull’s latest, Cast from the Platform, offers a rather terrestrial answer to this question: it’s in the atmosphere. Presumably these blokes have taken the last three years off to cruise the Crab Nebula … [Read more...]

Sahara Hotnights – Kiss and Tell

Sahara HotnightsKiss and TellIf a slightly hipper Britney Spears and her gal pals were in search of the perfect Crossroads soundtrack, the lasses would need not search any further than the newest Saharah Hotnights release, Kiss and Tell. The album affirms that adolescent pseudo-rebellious spirit while still fitting neatly within the confines of … [Read more...]

The Elevator Division – Years

The Elevator DivisionYearsThose indie-rock fans familiar with the sound coming out of Kansas City - and Second Nature Recordings for that matter - may be a bit surprised by Elevator Division. In fact, even those that have heard any of the band's previously self-released albums may find Years an interesting development. Elevator Division has … [Read more...]

Klondike and York – The Holy Book 12"

Klondike and YorkThe Holy Book 12"Klondike and York are two guys with an unnatural predilection for chocolaty things. K and Y also blow some mean horn noise and bang on some shit and fidget with the electro gadgets real well and such. The Holy Book is the band's first album, a real humdumdinger from dingersville available on 12" vinyl from … [Read more...]

Coastal – Halfway to You

CoastalHalfway to YouLogic dictates that the shortest distance between point A and point B is a straight line. In musical parlance, however, a lateral route, with stops in odd places off the map, is usually what guides the most interesting music. No doubt, Utah’s Coastal is fond of this sinuous road, unfortunately walking in the same footsteps laid … [Read more...]