The Sluts of Trust – We are All Sluts of Trust

The Sluts of Trust
We are All Sluts of Trust

Singer and guitarist John McFarlane has a molester mustache and looks like he learned to apply makeup by studying Robert Smith from the Cure. Strangely enough, this man exudes more raw sexual energy than should be humanly possible. Unlike some musicians who adopt a hyper-sexual persona to grab as much media attention as possible or those who take a wholly tongue-in-cheek approach, Sluts of Trust are the real deal. The duo’s full length debut, We are All Sluts of Trust, explodes with more raw sleaze than you can shake your fist at – and McFarlane definitely enjoys a good fist if you take his often satirical lyrics seriously.

While John McFarlane is the quintessential frontman, he isn’t alone in this outfit. Anthony O’Donnell joins him on drums and this guy approaches the skins with more aggression then Animal from Sesame Street ever could. The two Glaswegians succeed in taking the drum-and-guitar duo to new heights of punk and grunge spastically peppered with glam and art-rock. McFarlane and O’Donnell create music that sounds like barely controlled chaos – a sort of pandemonium of debauchery that only blistering guitar riffs and plenty of distortion can produce.

We are All Sluts of Trust starts off with “That’s Right…Thats Cat’s Right,” which is one of the finest three minutes of post-punk feverish exuberance to come along in ages. “Piece of You” begins with a scorching metal-style guitar solo before launching into a full-throttle assault on your ears. The repetition of the phrase “Even Stevens” gets a bit distracting after awhile, but the underlying riff reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age keeps the track moving right along.

“Tighter Than the Night” treats listeners to John McFarlane’s speaking voice and, to non-Scots, his accent complete with R’s that seem to roll forever. “Dominoes” plays smoke and mirrors by opening with just an acoustic guitar before building into an all-out progressive jam. This is easily the most laid-back tune on We are All Sluts of Trust, and before you know it McFarlane and O’Donnell are treating you to the hillbilly punk of “Meanwhile in Rocksville.”

The Sluts of Trust are apparently quite popular in their own country and throughout a good bit of Europe, and they have more recently begun making waves across the pond and beyond. For a duo that has only been together for a little over a year, this is quite an accomplishment. While the songs here aren’t perfect by any means, they aren’t intended to be and the true draw lies in the untamed energy these two exude. We are All Sluts of Trust is one that any fans of garage rock, punk, or metal should snatch up.