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Year Future – S/T EP

Year FutureS/T EPYear Future's self-titled EP was released in early 2004. So why now, in mid-September, am I reviewing it? Well, it was under my bed and I thought I had lost it. So when I found it I thought I might as well keep to my obligation, even though the band already has a new EP out since this one. Year Future features VSS and Angel Hair … [Read more...]

Tacoma Radar – No One Waved Goodbye

Tacoma RadarNo One Waved GoodbyeTacoma Radar is a project that began in 1998 with Kenny Anderson (not the NBA basketball player) and Richard Ferguson (not the US soldier), two Scottish boys (that's right, they're not from Tacoma). They've been playing and writing songs with a myriad of supporting personnel over the years, and for their debut, No … [Read more...]

Tub Ring – Zoo Hypothesis

Tub RingZoo HypothesisIn the liner notes to their fifth full-length offering, the members of Chicago’s Tub Ring scrawl a few words about how, several thousand years ago, our ancestors from outer space “seeded” Earth with life. The sentiment is arguably a direct descendant of William S. Burroughs, the great American writer who was never at a loss … [Read more...]

Traindodge – The Truth 2xCD

TraindodgeThe Truth 2xCD“Abandon City,” the first of the 20 songs on Traindodge’s The Truth, begins with about a minute of slight, atmospheric synth that recalls the “Twin Peaks” soundtrack. It then launches into a hard-rocking post-hardcore riff straight out of the Jawbox playbook. At about the three-minute mark, the vocals kick in, mostly of the … [Read more...]

Lords – The House That Lords Built EP

LordsThe House That Lords Built EPThe first thing that struck me about these Kentucky-based Lords was how well the CD artwork reflects the band’s metallic wall of sound. Inside the front cover, the listener is given a glimpse of the “house” - it's a castle, really - referred to in the title. The towers of this cartoonish building bear a clever … [Read more...]

M83 – Dead Cities, Red Seas, & Lost Ghosts

M83Dead Cities, Red Seas, & Lost GhostsIt rarely snows where I live. Every year I wait until sometime in January to see if we are going to get that one or two days of snow when everyone freaks out and they close schools and make a big deal of the whole thing. When it actually happens, it is a stunning sight to behold. The sky is a bleak white … [Read more...]

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – A Manual Dexterity: Soundtrack, Vol. 1

Omar Rodriguez-LopezA Manual Dexterity: Soundtrack, Vol. 1Why aren’t film soundtracks more structured? The films they represent often follow rigid guidelines, rarely straying from genre qualifiers or predictable plots. And while it’s true that indie films have much more leniency than major motion pictures, rarely are they the complete messes … [Read more...]

Cheval de Frise – S/T

Cheval de FriseS/THere's Cheval de Frise, looking to all the world like one prime god-damned stinker, dropping magic sticks once again into the heady brew of a unique jazzy, math-rock shitpit. That's a good thing, ya dig - the Frise is some fan-fucking-tastic tomfoolery, when it wants to be. And the band most certainly wants to be, right now, and … [Read more...]

The Trouble with Sweeney – Fishtown Briefcase

The Trouble with SweeneyFishtown BriefcaseThanks to the likes of Wilco, Ryan Adams, and a handful of others, twang – twang as a metaphysical concept, that is – has been reestablished in our collective psyche. Suddenly, Beamers are blasting “I Walk the Line,” Wilco’s work is burgeoning on the iconic, and our President says “clearing brush” is one of … [Read more...]

Funeral Diner – The Wicked EP

Funeral DinerThe Wicked EPOkay so this is not the new Funeral Diner record. This is an EP that came out on another record label in 2002 and then went out of print. Alone Records has done all of us Funeral Diner fans a huge favor by re-releasing it this year. I can’t even begin to tell you how ecstatic I was when I opened my review package and … [Read more...]