Martyr AD – On Earth as it is in Hell

Martyr AD
On Earth as it is in Hell

Ok. So metalcore is about as dead of a genre as any other (see punk). The fact that the fans come in drones to see these bands flail their guitars about and for themselves to fling their bodies acrobatically does not change the fact. Maybe calling it dead is a bit extreme. Lets say that it is a cancer patient that has undergone its last Chemo treatment, got their brain scan, and the results didn’t look good. The only thing keeping it alive is its sheer willingness to fight. Martyr AD is the steady drip of the IV keeping the doomed patient alive.

It is almost meaningless to go into detail about the sound on On Earth as it is in Hell: breakdowns so heavy they sound like Zeus himself raining down upon the poor unsuspecting masses, fret board treachery that will get the most reluctant metal head to give it the horns. You know the deal. Martyr AD is just one of those bands that does what it does really well. A little heavier than most, a little more talented than most, and the knowledge of how to write music. And at only 32 minutes, this is concise and brutal. Metalcore may be dying a slow painful death, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a few gems still hiding inside.

The thing I really enjoy about this album is that, even though it is still pretty much just metalcore, you can hear hints of Floridian death metal, and of course these guys do the Gothenburg sound too. But the dirty Floridian sound is what I really dig. I’m honestly surprised that hardly any metalcore bands try their hand at this sound.

“Bring Out Your Dead” is the first real song after a brief intro. It’s one of the best songs on the album because it reminds me a lot of Earth Crisis if they cross-pollinated with Arch Enemy or maybe God Forbid; and of course there is a huge chugging breakdown with a sing along. There are two songs toward the end of the album that are under a minute long each. That is pretty damn short for metalcore, but it really works well because how long does a song really need to be? They don’t ride a groove in the songs or anything. Just short, concise, and brutal.

Not terrifically creative or innovative by any means, but very solid nonetheless, On Earth as it is in Hell is a good album, but not a great one. You can, however, put it on, turn it up loud, and rock out with your cock out, which is needless to say always a good time.