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Four Square – Three Chords…One Capo

Four SquareThree Chords...One Capo11:43 PM - Put on the headphones, ready to check out Four Square’s Three Chords...One Capo. Not really sure what to expect. Let’s just take a glimpse at the promo that came with the disc. Hmm...these guys are from Canada, so maybe they’re some sort of a post-rock collective or something. Wait, what’s this? … [Read more...]

Dan Friel – Sunburn

Dan FrielSunburnSetting up sonic exploration through the limitations of faulty hardware and machinery is the paradigm most often favoured by bedroom noise enthusiasts. What often results in compelling and uncompromising sonic structure is the very same thing that can be alienating to the listener. With that in mind, there’s an inherent slippery … [Read more...]

Dungen – Ta Det Lugnt

DungenTa Det LugntWhen I brought home Dungen’s new LP Ta Det Lugnt, my friends gawked at my eccentricity. When I defended the merits of the music, my friends replied with “But he doesn’t even sing in English!” So much for music being the universal language. Yes, Gustav Ejstes, the 24 year old multi-instrumentalist creator of Ta Det Lugnt, … [Read more...]

Some Girls – All My Friends are Going Death

Some GirlsAll My Friends are Going DeathWarning: Do NOT mistake this Some Girls with the Juliana Hatfield-fronted trio of the same name. Doing so could lead to serious side-effects, including nausea, vomiting, and sudden loss of hearing. If you’re searching for anthemic pop rock with soaring soulful vocals, then stay the hell away from this disc. … [Read more...]

Various Artists – This is Indie Rock, Vol. 1

Various ArtistsThis is Indie Rock, Vol. 1"This is indie rock." That's quite a claim. Indie rock, as people reading this hopefully know, is really just music that's not on a major label. But more than that, it's come to describe a kind of uber-genre, something that encompasses a host of others (usually possessing the indie- prefix). When those not … [Read more...]

Dutch Kills – Nothing Was Ever the Same EP

Dutch KillsNothing Was Ever the Same EPPretentiousness is a sin that runs rampant throughout the indie world; every band is ‘unlike anything else,’ or in the case of Dutch Kills, ‘...definitively un-garagey indie rock.’ Listening to Nothing Was Ever the Same, the band clearly falls short of being a ‘sound that breaks all indie genres,’ but I can … [Read more...]

Kilgore Trout – Novocaine EP

Kilgore TroutNovocaine EPUgh. A mercifully brief three-song EP that can be summed up in as many words: stink, stank, stunk (apologies to Theodore Geisel). Sounding like a thousand other bands nominally influenced by the Pixies (more likely Weezer) with a hard rock/metal guitar crunch and male/female vocal harmonies, Kilgore Trout has the … [Read more...]

Neotropic – White Rabbits

NeotropicWhite RabbitsWhat strikes one first when hearing about Neotropic is that she is among the leading female creators/recorders of ambient, dub-centric electronica soundscapes. Does Neotropic’s (real name Riz Maslen) gender factor into the substance of her recordings? Perhaps. Should her gender be her calling card in the male dominated world … [Read more...]

Cub Country – Stay Poor/Stay Happy

Cub CountryStay Poor/Stay HappyOnce begun as a side project for Jimmy Chatelain, ex-Handsome and bass player for Jets to Brazil, Cub Country has evolved into a full-time gig, allowing this singer/songwriter to stretch his musical legs and fully develop his own strong voice. And Chatelain does have a strong voice, his words deeply moving and his … [Read more...]

The Berg Sans Nipple – Play the Immutable Truth EP

The Berg Sans NipplePlay the Immutable Truth EPSo I know a lot of Phish fans. They’ve been proudly carrying the jam-band banner for years, hyping up Phish as one of the greatest, most groundbreaking bands of our time. “Come on,” I tell them. “Phish is nothing more than a bunch of mediocre musicians ripping off Frank Zappa. Go buy a copy of Hot … [Read more...]