One Last November – Buried

The two members of One Last November, Jordan and Soda, had been friends for a while before coming together to make music. Jordan put together several songs for Soda to add vocals, and the result is something akin to electronic-emo. There’s a cold quality to the music driven by a mechanized beat and programming, but the vocals manage to add more emotion in the song’s best moments.

“Buried” starts off a bit low-key, feeling more like a somber Creed or other radio-friendly rock song than the emo I was expecting, but then the band kicks things up, it gets a bit louder for the ‘chorus,’ and I’m far more impressed. When Soda sings with this kind of laid-back vibe, his voice is undeniably strong but typical of radio-ready rock bands. When he gets more aggressive along with the music, his voice has more passion, more emotion that the cold music requires. There’s even hints of background screaming that fits the moderate tempo perfectly.

With a name like One Last November, you’re bound to think emo, and the band considers that an apt label. But I think the quality of the recording and the quality of Soda’s voice brings in a more mainstream rock sound to the project. It’s interesting, and definitely emotional, but I’ll reserve final judgment until more songs play out.