Malady – Tongue Like Serpent

Tongue Like Serpent

Malady is the new band from ex-members of Pg. 99 and City of Caterpillar, but before you form any opinions based on what those bands were like, you might want to listen to the mp3 first. At this moment, Malady does not yet have a website, and the only thing you can find about them on the Internet is this mp3. However, the Level Plane Records website has a picture that flashes on its opening page showing this new album cover among its other new releases. It doesn’t come out until September 14, and after listening to Malady’s mp3, the wait seems long and difficult.

“Tongue Like Serpent” starts out with a few rhythmic strums of a guitar before breaking into full-on rock. From what I can gather, all of the screaming vocals of Pg. 99 and City of Caterpillar are pretty much gone. The vocals are sung in a more melodic yet no less intense shouting style favored by bands such as Unwound or Fugazi. They actually sound quite similar to a long-gone band from my hometown called Thumbnail. Although the song is very compact compared to the seven- to nine-minute epics produced by City of Caterpillar, it suites this band well. The guitars are still very intense as they ring out with wild abandon. It has a really suspenseful breakdown near the end, where the line “it’s too late” is sung softly over a repeating guitar line before coming back in full force with the main riff.

Anyone wanting to hear what Malady is most like should check out the Pg. 99 songs on that band’s split with Majority Rule. Stylistically, it seems that this is what the band was hinting at back then and now is achieving. Considering that City of Caterpillar shared members with that band and is also now defunct, it is an obvious choice for these people to keep working together to make incredible music. Even if the Malady record turns out to be a one-off sort of thing, one can only hope with crossed fingers that the rest of the album is as awesome as this song. Go check it out.