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100 Demons
100 Demons

Hailing from Connecticut, five-piece 100 Demons bring the tough-guy style with some heavy-metal flare. Take Hatebreed and add a lot of metal or take something like Shadows Fall and subtract a lot of metal and you get a pretty good idea at what 100 Demons sound like. Yes folks, it is metalcore. Mediocre metalcore at that.

Well what can really be said? You know the drill with a metalcore review. Lots of high-end guitar theatrics and tons of chugging rhythms that will make the dance boys cream their tight little pants. 100 Demons are definitely a little more tough guy that most bands that would fall into metalcore mold. I say that mostly because of Pete Morcey’s vocals, they are tough guy as fuck.

There are a few things about this release I do like; however, they are few. The production on this baby is excellent. Everything sounds really good. The heavy parts are tremendously heavy with a good bass presence and a good kick-drum sound that is just slightly clicky. In addition to good sound, the concept and execution of the artwork is really neat with an Asian warrior theme. I dig it.

There are, indeed, lots of things I don’t like about this album though. The lyrics. Jesus Christ. I don’t even know if I should comment on the lyrics. They are absolutely wretched. Lyrics like “… Something terrible has crossed my mind / Fucking miserable all the time…” and “…I was born with this fault that they call rage / I never asked for this pain, it just came…” really remind me of nu-metal shit. The only real difference between these lyrics and the lyrics of Staind or some other shitty nu-metal crap is there are some references to “family” and “the scene” and other things that are strictly tough guy.

I also really hate Pete’s vocals. I like some tough-guy stuff sometimes, but I’m very picky about it. Morcey just doesn’t do it for me. His vocals sound really weak and limp, lacking the needed intensity to pull of the tough-guy sound. I don’t really feel the need to comment on the band’s lack of originality because it will undoubtedly lead to me ranting about passion and creativity and the total lack of it in this release.

Thumbing through the insert, I just saw a picture of these five very big and tough looking guys and decided it was time to stop talking shit. So I’ll go ahead and end this review. If you are into mediocre metalcore and stomp-you-in-the-face tough-guy music, then you will get your jollies off to this, however generic those jollies might be. I would much rather spend my money on something else.