The Pink Mountaintops – S/T

Every few years an album comes along that instantly gets recognized as quintessential shagging music. Sometimes it’s aggressive or sweet and sappy – other times its just downright raunchy. The Pink Mountaintops, featuring Stephen McBean (formerly of Jerk With a Bomb and also currently of Black Mountain) and friends Amber Weber, Joshua Wells, and Christoph Hofmeister, offer up a titillating mix of throbbing rock and dirty lyrics that are sure to pass the test of lovers everywhere.

The self-titled release begins with “Bad Boogie Ballin,” a tune that surprisingly lacks any sort of AC/DC-style guitars or Southern-rock innuendos. This track comes off more like oddball Euro-pop with its drum machine and pulsating rhythm. The opening line, “She caught my eye and I was on fire” expertly sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The sexual overtones are carried on throughout each of The Pink Mountaintops’ eight songs. “I (Fuck) Mountains” is a laidback, sleepy number with Stephen McBean’s vocals sounding a lot like Eddie Vedder. “Sweet 69” is the album’s catchiest tune, which comes as no surprise since it was ripped right from Bow Wow Wow’s “I Want Candy,” and you won’t really have to guess what the track is about. The album closes with a cover of Joy Division’s “Atmosphere” that screams modern rock. A few of the other tracks, like “Tourist in Your Town” and “Rock n’ Roll Fantasy,” seem to just miss the mark when compared to everything else, but they are certainly not throw aways.

While The Pink Mountaintops play around with styles a bit – and most everything here is certainly reminiscent of something from the 80s – the real constant all the way through is each song’s droning qualities and heavy-eyed vibe. From the song titles alone, you expect cheesy metal, but the inspiration here is pure retro sleaze from someone who is really obsessed with sex. Prepare to put this debut on repeat regardless of whether you share your bed with someone or simply fantasize about it.