The Mark – Glacier

The Mark

I like the intro to this song and the underlying guitar line. It’s light, a nice contrast to the band’s high-energy rock sound. However, the rest of the sound is somewhat less appealing. I’m immediately reminded of Fuel or similar bands, going from a lighter sound to a more intense power as if following instructions in a book.

A part of my concern with this song is likely in the production; the vocals just aren’t what I was hoping to hear. And then near the end they come stutter-fast over guitar riffs and bass lines, hinting more at metal than good old power rock. Yet I hear something good in the vocals, and I suspect that with good production – or perhaps heard loud and fast in a bar’s suspect sound system – they could be significantly better.

Regardless, the guitar line I like so much is still there in the song, resurfacing often enough to save the song for me. The style is quite common, but I like the energy here. If The Mark stays away from being formulaic, I think more music from the band will be impressive.