Say Hi to Your Mom – Numbers & Mumbles

Say Hi to Your Mom
Numbers & Mumbles

Say Hi to Your Mom is a band with just one member: Brooklynite Eric Elbogen, playing crafty, cleverly sardonic tunes that will skulk around in your head. His soft, lo-fi, indie pop sound has been spinning on my player for some time. Elbogen appears to be one of those artists who shuffles down the street, not making eye contact and scribbling notes to be used later in his sometimes clever, always interesting point of view put to music.

I don’t know if he plays alone because his vision is one that he can’t share or if he’s just a loner incapable of having anyone question his ideas and direction. Either way, most of the music on Numbers & Mumbles has a hipster – in a good way – New York feel. I am particularly fond of “Super,” with its heavy organ intro and its oh-so-snarky lyrical content.

Barely rising above a horse, raspy whisper, Mlbogen seems to be attacking a fellow hipster who clearly brings out his worst, most sarcastic side: “You’re super / you really are / like your t-ball trophy says / you’ve come so far.”

“A Hit in Sweden” has a Cars riff and feel, and is perhaps one of Mr. Elbogen’s more radio-friendly tracks. “Pop Music of the Future” is facetiously hilarious and is another goof on the hipster-poseur crowd. Elbogen’s lyrics cover many things – women, relationships both good and bad, pop culture – all the while offering some fairly satisfying riffs and hooks.

But some things are better left alone, as is the case with the somewhat disturbing cover of the Beatles “I’m So Tired.” Someone should have mentioned that you might not want to cover a song unless you like it, and I get the feeling that this was a throwaway, a song that the guy in “Super” liked and he wanted to ruin. Too bad.