Jed Whitey – Mongoloid Cage Match

Jed Whitey
Mongoloid Cage Match

Based on this band’s name and cover art, you would think this album would either be chock full of redneck rock or cheesy pop punk. Fortunately, Jed Whitey isn’t following either of those paths. The Australian quartet is a straight-up hard-rock band with plenty of wailing guitar and testosterone-fueled mayhem. These guys definitely draw their style from 80s-era punk and hardcore and execute this direction with skill unmatched by some of the more recent stateside Aussie imports.

Despite the fine musicianship, the members of Jed Whitey seem to want you to believe that they aren’t the sharpest tacks in the box, and lyrically they do their best to live up to the title of Mongoloid Cage Match. The album begins with “Are You Ready to Hate Us?” and the group’s proverbial tongue stays firmly implanted in cheek throughout the other nine tracks – including a cover of Devo’s “Uncontrollable Urge.”

For this reason, Jed Whitey reminds me a lot of the Ramones. The two bands definitely play different types of music, and I don’t think Jed Whitey is ripping off the Ramones in any way. However, the lyrical content of both groups can easily be targeted as being sophomoric at best, and this is exactly the factor which causes people to either love or hate them. This definitely makes you wonder if Jed Whitey is purposefully playing down their intelligence or not.

Just like with the Ramones, some people will just not “get” Jed Whitey, and therefore Mongoloid Cage Match will disappoint. Music fans who enjoy stripped-down rock n’ roll that isn’t taxing on the brain or who want to set aside seriousness for a while are sure to get a kick out of this release. The enhanced CD also contains a live version of “We Used Your Record as a Beer Coaster” and hilarious videos for “My Own Private Altamont” and “I’m Ok – You’re Fucked” – so make sure this one finds its way into your computer.