A Day in Black and White – My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys EP

A Day in Black and White
My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys EP

Damn!!!!! What is it with Level Plane? Why do those folks rock so hard? Their recent discovery, A Day in Black and White, is a perfect example of why this label is destroying all the other hardcore labels and shattering the notion of what that term can even mean. My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys picks up on the ground that other bands such as the earth-shattering City of Caterpillar and prozac-induced heavyweights Isis have treaded on before. In other words, they mix the heavy side of things with the pretty and pretty fucked-up side of things.

A Day in Black and White starts off this little EP with a song called “Forward/Backward.” This song is really good, starting things off in a way that would make Mogwai proud and climaxing with shouted vocals over a stuttered drum beat. “There are Objects and Objects” is where the record really starts to pick up speed, though. This song comes crashing through the gates with an opening riff and shouted vocals that is fast as fuck. ADIBAW then breaks things down a bit and goes into an interlude that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Tortoise record. The song ends with the music dropping out and shouted vocals of “we cannot be saved, we cannot be changed.”

“Storming the Bastille” is more of the same. “The Gaze” builds up for almost five minutes before tearing into some of the most blistering chaos you could expect from a post-hardcore band. The last song, “Illusion of the End,” is an instrumental that is over 10 minutes long, reminiscent of Isis mixed with Explosions in the Sky. It builds and breaks before going out in a wash of white noise.

It is unfortunate that this is only an EP, and it makes me want more. That being said, the real drawback is that even though My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys is good, it is nowhere near as good as City of Caterpillar, the band that these folks most try to mimic. You’ve got to give A Day in Black and White a hand, though, as this is an impressive feat nonetheless. Given time to work on their sound a bit, these guys could come into their own and make something even more stunning.