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Naim Amor – Soundtracks Vol. II

Naim AmorSoundtracks Vol. IIHaving moved his musical activities to Tucson, Az. in 1997 to be with fellow French native and filmmaker Marianne Dissard, Naïm Amor has done the utmost to immerse himself in the city’s rich cultural repository. Inviting across, in turn, fellow Parisian multi-instrumentalist Thomas Belhom, Amor has covertly driven … [Read more...]

My Morning Jacket – It Still Moves

My Morning JacketIt Still MovesSouthern rock is generally assigned two distinctly different stigmas: dirty, uneducated music made by rednecks, or over-polished, riff-recycling, Hallmark-card-quoting CMT fluff. Fans of math-rock or post-rock usually overlook an album, or worse a band, immediately because of these hasty generalizations. So lest … [Read more...]

Say Hi to Your Mom – Numbers & Mumbles

Say Hi to Your MomNumbers & MumblesSay Hi to Your Mom is a band with just one member: Brooklynite Eric Elbogen, playing crafty, cleverly sardonic tunes that will skulk around in your head. His soft, lo-fi, indie pop sound has been spinning on my player for some time. Elbogen appears to be one of those artists who shuffles down the street, not … [Read more...]

Horns of Happiness – A Sea as a Shore

Horns of HappinessA Sea as a ShoreHorns of Happiness is coming soon to a mix tape near you - either one you create or one given to you by your most in-the-know indie hipster friend. The fuzzy space pop-rock songs on A Sea as a Shore seem custom made for inclusion in such endeavors, but they work equally as well together as one album. The group is a … [Read more...]

The Rum Diary – Split CD

The Rum DiarySplit CDAt one point, there was more of a similarity in sound between these two bands that would make this a seemingly destined split. The Californian band The Rum Diary uses lush, layered instrumentation with an emphasis on keyboards, and from New York City, Kilowatthours similarly plays lush music, driven by piano and keyboards and a … [Read more...]

Midtown – Forget What You Know

MidtownForget What You KnowI’ll spare you the history of Midtown, and much like the band's third full-length album does, I'll get right down to business. The slamming first track “To Our Savior” is energetic, hard-hitting, and multifaceted. Lead singer Gabe Saporta starts off the track by screaming “So hard to believe what you’re looking … [Read more...]

Sharks and Minnows – The Cost of Living

Sharks and MinnowsThe Cost of LivingUpon first listen, Sharks and Minnows' newest release, The Cost of Living, seems to neatly fit into the power-pop genre. But only two or three spins later, the Georgia outfit divulges a few of its hidden secrets, as other incredibly well-integrated sounds find the surface. Just an album ago, the quartet found its … [Read more...]

The Green Pajamas – Essence of Carol EP

The Green PajamasEssence of Carol EPThe Essence of Carol EP could be considered The Green Pajamas’ latest release, of sorts, even though it’s actually a re-release. These three tracks from a long-out-of-print 7” have been bundled together with a few extra goodies (two new tracks and a live performance), and amply demonstrate why the Pajamas have … [Read more...]

Eluvium – An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death

EluviumAn Accidental Memory in the Case of DeathListening to Eluvium is like hanging out in a fancy schmanzy hotel lobby listening to a pianist busting out the somber tunes while thunder rumbles and reverberates within the building to shake the chandellier. On top of the grand piano is a tip jar stuffed to the brim with dollar bills and prozac, … [Read more...]

The Gurus – S/T

The GurusS/TThere are so many bands that worship at the altar of Lennon and McCarthy that it’s easy for lazy reviewers and cultural critics to toss the term “Beatlesque” at every pop-rock quartet that drops vocal harmonies over carefully crafted hooks. In doing this, it could be argued, the enduring genius of the Fab Four continues to be watered … [Read more...]