The Like Young – So Serious

The Like Young
So Serious

They’re already back for round two, and they’re better than ever. The explosive album opener, “Out to Get Me,” shows a band that has grown both musically and lyrically. “You’re No Cheat” is no less tight and concise, and things get down right aggro when Joe Ziemba screams “You’re taking all our money.” “Tighten My Tie” sounds like the Like Young still seem intent on out-Weezering Weezer “Just stop it / try silence / it sounds easy, but I wish it was”(Pinkerton era, naturally). When Amanda Ziemba’s vocals kick in, it’s near perfection.

Trying to explain what makes this album so exciting and refreshing is hard, but a large part of it’s charm lays in the fact that there is no rock posturing going on, no use of the “now” sound saturating every newer bands latest releases. Something about the Like Young just seems honest. Stripped down to just guitar and drums, the songs themselves have to be good. There’s no hiding behind distracting keys and gratuitous guitar solos. And the songs found on So Serious more than meet the requirements for what makes a song, well, good: insanely catchy melodies (“Routines”), sweet guitar riffs (“Degenerate”), and enough healthy angst to make the listener nostalgic for junior high (“Sharp or Messy”).

That said, for all the sugary pop the Like Young is capable of creating, So Serious is markedly darker than the band’s last full-length, Art Contest. It’s in the lyrics: “No closing eyes / they’re out to get me / has a minute passed? / some tiny spit here / I wish I wasn’t here.” Yeah, it’s even in the title. These former Wolfie members mean business. The result is an edgier version of an already superb band, one that manages to be consistent creatively, and deserves a wider audience.