Archives for June 2004

The Idaho Falls – House EP

The Idaho FallsHouse EPGlance over at the name of this band. That's a pretty geographically specific name, huh? The Idaho Falls. It's kind of sweet, isn't it? That these musicians love their hometown so much—they named their band after it. There's just one catch, whatever could it be? Oh yes, they're not actually from Idaho Falls; they're from L.A. … [Read more...]

Broken Hands for Brilliant Minds – Remember the Past, Respect the Future

Broken Hands for Brilliant MindsRemember the Past, Respect the FutureBoring, boring, boring, boring, boring. Boring. There, I said it. In fact, I was so worried about not getting the message across that I thought that at least the first six words of this review should consist of the syllables “bo” and “ring.” Bo-ring. Oh, and it’s not … [Read more...]

Antioch Arrow – Gems of Masochism

Antioch ArrowGems of MasochismIn the early 1990s, Gravity Records unleashed the post-punk/emo revolution, with Californian bands like Antioch Arrow, Heroin, Angelhair, Clickitat Ikatowi, and VSS. The music was chaotic and could be classified as "screamo" by today's standards. However, when Gems of Masochism was first released in 1995, Antioch Arrow … [Read more...]

Bethany Curve – Pool and the Shine

Bethany CurvePool and the ShineThe Internet is a funny thing. Sometimes you can find bands purely by accident. Do a few random searches, and you’re bound to find a band with a name that somehow fits in. Well, I’ve been longing for the mid-90s textured shoegaze sound, and so I did a search on shoegaze bands, attempting to find a few bands doing it … [Read more...]

Ballboy – Leave the Earth Behind and Take a Walk

BallboyLeave the Earth Behind and Take a WalkThe Scottish band Ballboy impressed me right from the go. Echoey guitars float in behind booming bass and drums, the vocals all echoed and dreamy, mixing a new-wave sound with lovely shoegaze, “Leave the Earth Behind and Take a Walk” is a lovely song. The band has been making music since 1999, and … [Read more...]

The Album Leaf – In a Safe Place

The Album LeafIn a Safe PlaceOnce known as a side project for multi-instrumentalist Jimmy LaValle’s full-time gig, Tristeza, The Album Leaf has certainly eclipsed Tristeza’s prominence and become LaValle’s primary effort. Without a doubt, In a Safe Place is the album to catapult LaValle into global recognition, not just because it’s the project’s … [Read more...]

Peter Searcy – Couch Songs

Peter SearcyCouch SongsFrom the second I received the album, I had a pretty good idea of what kind of music I was about to hear. There couldn't be a more descriptive title for the album than Couch Songs. Aside from the occasional brush drums, subtle strings, or piano arrangements and doubling vocals, the whole album is predominantly Peter Searcy … [Read more...]

The James Dean Trio – Getting Scary

The James Dean TrioGetting ScaryIt has been a long time since I was fooled into thinking a band would sound different than what I had imagined based on my assumptions regarding cover art alone. The James Dean Trio had me thinking it was some warped indie-rock band by the appearance of Getting Scary. I put the disc into my CD player and, wouldn’t … [Read more...]

The Davenports – Hi-Tech Lowlife

The DavenportsHi-Tech LowlifeThe Davenports, almost a one-man act featuring Scott Klass (formerly of Smalltown Criers), assembled an all-star crew to aid in the compilation of the band's sophomore release, Hi-Tech Lowlife. And the result is entirely entrancing. The album amplifies the crooner/songwriter's skill at delivering catchy hooks in a … [Read more...]

Son of the Velvet Rat – By My Side

Son of the Velvet RatBy My SideListening to By My Side, the debut solo album by Son of the Velvet Rat, one cannot help but try to match the musical timeline and puzzle pieces. Is this Austrian – real name Georg Altziebler – influenced more by Leonard Cohen’s morose poetry or Nick Drake’s sensitive melodies? Is Altziebler’s dramatic vocal persona a … [Read more...]