Old Bombs – Audios

Old Bombs

This is Old Bombs’ first “official” CD after four previous CD-R releases on Spite, Veglia, and Public Eyesore and a split with Wolf Eyes. Now comes Audios. Old Bombs is a trio made up of Carlos Giffoni, Dino Felipe, and Vanessa Payes. As a solo performer/improviser, Giffoni has collaborated with Nels Cline, Chris Corsano, Thurston Moore, and Lee Renaldo among many others. Felipe also performs solo and has collaborated with Payes in the groups Fukktron and Grass Jeans.

Far more digital than the band’s previous releases, but without any aesthetic sacrifices, Audios was assembled through the mail from Brooklyn-based Giffoni and Miami’s Felipe and Paynes. The songs were retooled, remixed, and reworked over a period of many months, culminating with something that is utterly unclassifiable. Giffoni is credited as the “sound source” with Felipe and Payes taking those sounds and mutilating, layering, recombining, and resampling them until they were the completed results.

At times often sounding like somebody rapidly scanning through radio channels, this type of mad cutting up of random sounds (like a highly distorted Ashanti on “Audio 2” and “Audio 3” or the video game soundtrack on “Audio 3”) often serves as the grounding part of the song, while effects and other highly processed sounds fly over and dive-bomb quickly in and out of the song. “Audio 2” and “Audio 3” sound very similar in attack to Kid 606’s pop music skewering The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You the Fucking Jams.

Noise is not something that should be judged in relation to mainstream music. Experiments in sound versus predictable pop music is another discussion for another time. Old Bombs is able to take brief but identifiable seconds of pop music and distort it, adding the artists’ own twisted bent to the whole thing. It’s certainly an interesting collaboration.