Circle Takes the Square – As the Roots Undo

Circle Takes the Square
As the Roots Undo

Circle Takes the Square is a three-piece chaotic hardcore band from Savannah, GA that is full of surprises. Everything about the band’s new record, As the Roots Undo, had me fooled in many ways. Firstly, the band doesn’t sound like a three piece but more like there are five or six people in the band. The three members all share vocal duties, making for a full-bodied aural attack. Secondly, it doesn’t sound like these musicians came from Georgia, but more like an apple that fell and landed several states away from the tree of the Richmond, VA hardcore scene that claims City of Caterpillar, Pg. 99, and Majority Rule among its branches. Circle Takes the Square has some of the best elements of these groups, such as the ability to use dynamics like City of Caterpillar, composing long winding songs that can sprawl up to nine minutes. There are also ripping thrash parts ala Pg. 99, and the vocal style is a nasty glass gargling mix of Majority Rule and Pg. 99 combined.

Another astounding feature of As the Roots Undo is the use of acoustic and electronic instruments, which give a really bizarre feel to some of the songs that seem to change texture in back-breaking split seconds. Finally, Circle Takes the Square has one thing that all of the other bands do not; a female singer/bassist. This adds an interesting feel to As the Roots Undo because she can scream just like the guys in the band, but there are also times when her singing sounds awesome and is a refreshing escape from the screaming that encompasses the rest of the music.

Circle Takes the Square is a phenomenal band that has a lot to offer. It will be interesting to see where the band goes from this point. I highly recommend checking out As the Roots Undo if you like any of the aforementioned bands. It has a nervous energy that oozes from every note and a sound that is familiar and yet new at the same time.