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Wilco – A Ghost is Born

WilcoA Ghost is BornTo call A Ghost is Born "the long-awaited new album from Wilco" might be a bit of an exagerration. It has been readily available via a "web stream" on the band's homepage for a few months now (fully legal and band-sanctioned), and Wilco has been touring with the new material since May. Still, the popularity and critical … [Read more...]

Epigene – Popular Dissent

EpigenePopular DissentWhen my younger sister and I were children, obnoxious tricksters, we used to play this joke on my mother, and she'd fall for it every time. We found it inexplicably fascinating to trick her into believing that we were singing radio pop tunes, when in actuality we were composing the impromptu garbage on the spot. In order to … [Read more...]

As Tall as Lions – Lafcadio

As Tall as LionsLafcadioI’m not sure exactly why, maybe it’s the band's name, but for some reason I was expecting another hardcore or metal band to come roaring out of the speakers. And although some of that hard, aggressive stuff does turn up here in small spurts, Long Island, NY natives As Tall as Lions make a genuine play for something far more … [Read more...]

Thee Shams – Please Yourself

Thee ShamsPlease YourselfWith so many great bands hailing from Ohio these days I’m completely surprised that Thee Shams - formerly The Shams - haven't received much more attention. The Cincinnati area foursome, featuring brothers Zachary and Andrew Gabbard as well as Chad Hardwick and Keith Fox, is directly channeling the rhythm and blues of 1960’s … [Read more...]

Clair de Lune – Marionettes

Clair de LuneMarionettesThe latest edition to Deep Elm’s roster, Minnesota’s Claire de Lune is perhaps one of the most intense bands on the label. While the formula of powerful guitar that’s intense yet melodic, intricate percussion, driving bass, and dual vocals is not unique, Claire de Lune’s approach is unique enough to make Marionettes a … [Read more...]

Slow Jets – Remain in Ether

Slow JetsRemain in EtherOver the past few months, I’ve been given the recommendation, on more than one occasion, to pick up something by the Slow Jets. This suggestion had come because I’m a pretty good-sized Guided By Voices fan, and that this “Slow Jets” was described as walking in that band's footsteps. I was intrigued. However, Baby needed a … [Read more...]

Paris, Texas – Like You Like an Arsonist

Paris, TexasLike You Like an ArsonistParis, Texas’s Like You Like an Arsonist is the sound of a collision between The Alkaline Trio’s demented glee and a grunge-rock band, which is the magic formula for the movement we now call garage rock (it used to be called rock'n'roll). The music isn’t exactly angry or happy: chunky, forceful riffs lay out a … [Read more...]

Happy Chichester – Live @ Aladdin Theatre, Portland , Or.

Happy ChichesterLive @ Aladdin Theatre, Portland , Or.Happy Chichester has enjoyed a lengthy career as a founding member of three unheralded bands (funkers Royal Crescent Mob, rockers Howlin’ Maggie, Greg Dulli’s Twilight Singers), and his stubborn 15-year stretch in the biz is admirable. There are many layers of operation in the world of music, … [Read more...]

Tempertwig – Split 7"

TempertwigSplit 7"Alrighty, gotta take this one in first-person, unfortunately … See, here’s the thing. I absolutely LOVE listening to music on vinyl. My turntable is one of my most prized possessions, and I seriously shudder when I stop to think about how much it would suck if anything bad ever happened to it. For the most part, I dig … [Read more...]

Icewater Scandal – No Handle

Icewater ScandalNo HandleNew York City is famous for many things, and good art rock is amongst them. Face the facts - Sonic Youth is probably one of the most influential bands in indie rock in the past 20 years. It would be nearly impossible to doubt that any art-rock band has some of its influence in there somewhere. Icewater Scandal is no … [Read more...]