From a Second Story Window – Not One Word Has Been Omitted EP

From a Second Story Window
Not One Word Has Been Omitted EP

Not One Word Has Been Omitted is the repackaged and re-released version of From a Second Story Window’s first – and very impressive – demo. I am one of the privileged few that got to hear the original version of this demo/EP, and the new version is twice as impressive as the original. The guitars are crunchier, the drums are massive, the bass sounds great, and the Zao-esque snarls sound awesome. Now, after having seen the band live, I am pretty excited about what this band has to offer in the future.
It isn’t so much that this EP is that spectacular. In fact, it is only slightly better than average. The thing that I find most impressive is that this is literally the band’s first few songs the musicians have written. So in time they can only get better.
The boys in FASSW play the ever-so-popular modern metalcore sound, but they keep it interesting with a few hints of black and death metal scattered about through the five songs of this release. You know what to expect. A little bit of the Swedish influence, some massive breakdowns, high-pitched scathing screams, etc. The thing is, FASSW take the above elements and up the ante just enough to not fall into the inescapable pool of mediocrity that so many bands are stuck in.
For example, the huge build up and breakdown at 3:20 in “The Challenge of Caring” is just massive. “I Tried Voodoo Once” is definitely my favorite track from the album. Clocking in at just over six minutes, this song starts out fairly typically but goes through a series of tempo changes and a breakdown before it unleashes an immense melodic guitar lead upon these thirsty ears, then proceeds to pummel you with a monstrous breakdown. It shows a lot of maturity that they band isn’t afraid to tackle a six-minute song, and even more maturity that it was done so successfully without the song becoming stale or boring.
Although these five songs aren’t exactly groundbreaking, the future certainly looks bright for From a Second Story Window. So do yourself a favor and pick this up so you can say you knew the band way back when, because I foresee it becoming huge on the scene. A very impressive debut from a young, talented band.