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Joe Phillips – Detroit – The Shelter, MI – 2004-03-27

Joe PhillipsWhere: Detroit - The Shelter, MI.When: 2004-03-27… Unfortunately, this bit has to start with a negative vibe from me (though, admittedly, it’ll be the only one of this write-up). See, I really only headed out to this show because my beloved Bayside was supposed to be one of the opening acts, which unfortunately turned out to not be the … [Read more...]

The Mirrors – Mirror Whore EP

The MirrorsMirror Whore EP Hear ye, hear ye! The British have come! These expatriates from England, as well as Ireland, are currently residing in LA, CA, under the name The Mirrors. Up until the EP Mirror Whore, these blokes' greatest claim to fame is that their main vocal/guitarist, Martin Arthurs, is the brother of Oasis founding member Paul … [Read more...]

The Bigger Lovers – This Affair Never Happened… And Here are Eleven Songs About It

The Bigger LoversThis Affair Never Happened… And Here are Eleven Songs About It No need talking about the past with The Bigger Lovers, because they're all about the future with their third release, This Affair Never Happened... And Here are Eleven Songs About It. The boys from the City of Brotherly Love are hitting their power-pop stride like … [Read more...]

Vocokesh – The Tenth Corner

VocokeshThe Tenth CornerI'm all for experimental music. But there's a fine line to draw between challenging the conventional perceptions of art and just plain being weird for oddity's sake. I think Vocokesh teeters dangerously on this line, sometimes safely stepping onto the side of intelligent musical exploration, but more often crashing into the … [Read more...]

From a Second Story Window – Not One Word Has Been Omitted EP

From a Second Story WindowNot One Word Has Been Omitted EP Not One Word Has Been Omitted is the repackaged and re-released version of From a Second Story Window's first - and very impressive - demo. I am one of the privileged few that got to hear the original version of this demo/EP, and the new version is twice as impressive as the original. The … [Read more...]

The Dry Spells – Soundtrack to Your Bender

The Dry SpellsSoundtrack to Your BenderSometimes I get tired of listening to bands that are too hard or abrasive, and I just want to listen to a band that knows how to have fun. With the title of the album being Soundtrack to Your Bender, The Dry Spells never attempt to hide the intentions of having a good time. Usually when I hear a new CD, I … [Read more...]

Youth Group – Skeleton Jar

Youth GroupSkeleton Jar At last - four months into the year, an album finally worth being excited about. Like all things Youth Group, this album comes under the cover of night, underrated by a populace training their gag reflexes on the guitar cocks of Jet et al. Three years after the band's sensational debut, and following the departure of … [Read more...]

Hella – The Devil isn’t Red

HellaThe Devil isn’t Red It's been a while since I've heard anything like Hella. Picture one guitarist and one drummer, flailing away at their instruments like they're whipping the beejesus out of the teacher who molested them in fifth grade, and that's something close to the sound these guys make. Technically, it has all the best and worst … [Read more...]

Fort Lauderdale – Pretty Monster

Fort LauderdalePretty Monster Now this is some brown acid. Immaculately-crafted glam pop-rock songs from UK duo Fort Lauderdale, bleeding with Bowie-ness as if they'd only recently stumbled out of their downstairs, pot-ridden, love-spunking bedsit to discover the 70s had died. That's the first two songs, but on "Best Days," it's Paul McCartney … [Read more...]

Loretta – The Translation

LorettaThe TranslationLoretta's The Translation is not a bad album, not very bad at all. The only problem is that this album can be summed up definitively in one sentence: If there was an album in between The Bends and OK Computer in Radiohead's repertoire, this could be it. Now, comparing a band to Radiohead isn't exactly something to be ashamed … [Read more...]