Uranus – To This Bearer of Truth

To This Bearer of Truth

I can’t even begin to explain how important the Canadian band Uranus is to the world of hardcore. The band was only around for a couple of years, yet it managed to influence countless bands. There have been so many great bands that have followed in Uranus’ footsteps, taken the blueprint and done different and interesting things with it. As far as history is concerned though, it all started here. I distinctly remember the first time I heard Uranus; a friend of mine who is a few years older than me played the split LP with His Hero Is Gone for me after he found out that I was obsessed with Orchid. I loved it right away. There was no mistaking that Uranus had been a huge influence on Orchid’s sound. There are drawn-out, creepy-sounding intros that give way to ridiculous blast beats and high-pitched, throat-ripping screaming, emotional lyrics, and of course a heavy bass and guitar sound that is thicker than a ton of cement.
To This Bearer of Truth collects all of the out-of-print Uranus releases on one disc: the split LP with His Hero Is Gone, the double 7″, and a few other records I was unaware even existed. Nine tracks of brutal-ass mayhem, including a Negative Approach cover. If you are a fan of hardcore at all, I shouldn’t have to tell you how good this is. You should be slobbering at the chance to even hear these songs again or for the first time. This band is fucking legendary, synonymous with Angel Hair, Honeywell, and Mohinder, defining early- to mid-90s hardcore. I would have to say that the song “Circumstance” is one of the best hardcore songs ever written. “Panacea” will rip you in half as soon as the two minute build up comes to a close. “Equilibrate” proves that Uranus was capable of writing longer songs that remained brutal for their entire length without becoming boring.
If you like bands such as Orchid, Majority Rule, Kaospilot, Shikari, or His Hero Is Gone, do yourself a favor and go buy this right now. You won’t be disappointed. Uranus will tear your ears to shreds as you wind your way through this collection. I suggest that if you are prone to heart attacks, you don’t go anywhere near this record, because it will fucking kill you.