The Tuesday Suits – The Fork Studio EP

The Tuesday Suits
The Fork Studio EP

My indie-rock mentality nearly ate this CD for lunch. The first couple of times I listened to this, I was looking for some great contribution to indie rock and/or groundbreaking soundscapes and/or hardhitting emotional power. What we actually have here is the Strokes fused with the Fountains of Wayne. Taken at face value, this is one pretty freakin’ cool band. Taken with a dash of indie-rock mentality, my mind says, “Nothing interesting, move along, and I mean now!” Whichever is correct is up to your own personal opinion.
I’m going for the “face value.’ The Tuesday Suits consist of the Strokes’ drumming, but with much fuller, richer, and darker tones in the guitars, much like the “Stacy’s Mom” Fountains, along with some new-wavey bass, a la The Rapture. The guitars, in addition to being full, capture pop, rock, post-punk, new-wave, and reggae in one boat. These genres all flow together very well, without any of the awkwardness that sometimes accompanies the odd mixing of genres. The best example of their unique sound is the jubilant “Sounds Like Summer,” where the quirky bass bounces around under the post-punk/reggae guitar euphoria with the perky drumming as a backbone. There’s even a guitar breakdown that goes slightly minor on us. The vocals also add to the song, as they’re quite catchy and the voice is a quite uncommon tone. It’s very listenable, but it’s just different.
Although I just described “Sounds Like Summer,” I’ve actually just described every song on the album: these musicians have found their niche, and they stick to it, creating swift three-minute rock songs that keep your attention and make you have fun.
On the whole, we have a rock act that’s exploring its roots and coming off quite well. It’s not anything that will smash indie-rock minds, but it’s very enjoyable, very well played, and even quite creative. Once the band produces a full-length album, this will be a band to watch, because the Tuesday Suits are very, very fun to listen to.