The Hurt Process – Drive By Monologue

The Hurt Process
Drive By Monologue

Attention all girls between the ages of 13 and 17!!! Want to get a head start on your friends and be the “cool” one who knew The Hurt Process before they exploded with popularity? Well read on young ones, read on.
The Hurt Process plays the oh-so-popular brand of “hardcore” that features plenty of vocal harmonies, a few breakdowns here and there, some screaming dispersed throughout, and of course delicious pop hooks. I really fucking hate this shit. I know in my mind that this stuff really is useless shit that everyone is doing these days, but the fucking hooks. I catch myself humming the melodies, and I just want to puke. Although I really hate any music resembling this, I suppose I should think objectively and tell you about this band in particular.
Well, THP employ a dual vocal attack similar to that of A Static Lullaby where one guy is in charge of the singing while the other handles screaming and harmonizing duties. The effect of the dual vocals actually sounds pretty good. They easily shift from delectable pop harmonies to singing with a screamed backdrop, which is more than I can say about my vocal ability. Musically, the six musicians would like to think themselves as some kind of hardcore band. Unfortunately, this is a far cry from the reality of their sound. At its very heaviest, Drive By Monologue is nothing more than Taking Back Sunday with a lot more screaming. Not to say the music doesn’t have its intense moments because it certainly does, but I am a hardcore purist, or Nazi if you will, so anything that claims the hardcore name unjustly really irks me.
Album highlights include the tasty harmonies of “This Piece” and the heavier moments including a quasi breakdown in “Opinion.” I really don’t want to spend time getting into the parts of the album I don’t like; at least not in depth. The parts I don’t like are the albums lack of creativity and willingness to just jump on the newest bandwagon. Like I said, I don’t really want to get into it too in depth.
I’m sure all you little scensters out there will eat this up, particularly if you like A Static Lullaby, Taking Back Sunday, or Funeral For a Friend. So my opinion doesn’t really matter, but I can’t recommend Drive By Monologue.