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The Central Standards – Refrain

The Central StandardsRefrain When you're a music junkie, it's fun to try and pick out the influence of artists on one another in style, sound, lyrics, and voice. Discovering clear influences, however subtle, tends to impress or disappoint listeners; i.e. we marvel at the progress new bands have made from their models' initial efforts, or we blast … [Read more...]

Lisa Cerbone – Ordinary Days

Lisa CerboneOrdinary DaysAbsolutely the first thing you notice about Lisa Cerbone is her voice because it is simply stunning. She has the type of vocals that could clearly be referred to as angelic - a breathtakingly pretty soprano with just enough of a melancholy touch to keep her from sounding childish. Listening to Ordinary Days for the first … [Read more...]

Raising the Fawn – The North Sea

Raising the FawnThe North Sea It's a bit strange hearing The North Sea now, more than a year after it was intended for release and months after reviewing Raising the Fawn's amazing EP By the Warmth of Your Flame. Due to a loss of two band members after The North Sea was recorded, the band put the full-length on hold and recorded the EP as a new … [Read more...]

Iron and Wine – Our Endless Numbered Days

Iron and WineOur Endless Numbered Days There's always been a fine line between the modern singer/songwriter and the traditional folk artist. Something about taking a more bare-bones approach and wielding the low-key acoustic guitar puts more focus on the singer's words and the way he or she sings them. With the right storytelling, the right song … [Read more...]

The Dammitheads – Freeze Motherstickers

The DammitheadsFreeze Motherstickers The name of the band is cute, in a trying-hard-not-to-offend sort of way, and even the more sleezy approach of the album title (full title Freeze Motherstickers...this is a Fuck Up) is kind of clever. The cover art is cute too, so why wasn't I expecting The Dammitheads to play straightforward rock? Regardless, … [Read more...]

Burns Out Bright – Distance and Darkness EP

Burns Out BrightDistance and Darkness EP Sometimes, I really feel like a goober reviewing these Deep Elm releases, because everyone always gives me crap about: 1) liking 15-year-old girl music, 2) liking bands that all supposedly "sound alike', and 3) liking a ton of artists on the same label (especially one that has a particular sound associated … [Read more...]

The Baskervilles – S/T

The BaskervillesS/T What's sweeter than Tastykake's Kandy Kakes and more addictive than crystal meth? That's right, indie-pop music. These days, the kids use street names like baroque, chamber and/or French pop. Some of you older folks might remember it simply as twee pop. This aural narcotic features characteristics such as happy, jangly guitars, … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Anka Vajagic – Stand with the Stillness of This Day

Elizabeth Anka VajagicStand with the Stillness of This DaySo I look at the cardboard packaging for Elizabeth Anka Vajagic's debut Stand with the Stillness of this Day, and I see dark, sepia-toned images: a dirty, mottled close up of a female statue's face; the moss-covered ruins of an ancient cathedral; and a grainy photo of a depressing, dreary, … [Read more...]

Psyopus – Ideas of Reference

PsyopusIdeas of Reference The formula for a recently new term, "tech metal," appears to already be set in stone: insanely fast guitar play with plenty of technicality and more often than not some jazz shines through in the songwriting. With the new-found popularity of this genre, it is hard to separate the bands out there playing it. In order to … [Read more...]

Brazil – Washington – 9:30 Club, DC – 2004-04-13

BrazilWhere: Washington - 9:30 Club, DC.When: 2004-04-13Since my friend and I only knew of Coheed and Cambria out of the four-band bill, we decided to go out a little bit later than normal. Fortunately, we showed up at the 9:30 Club near the beginning of Brazil’s set. Having never heard Brazil before, I was pleasantly surprised. The band was … [Read more...]