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Young People – Washington – The Black Cat, DC – 2004-04-16

Young PeopleWhere: Washington - The Black Cat, DC.When: 2004-04-16Explain to me why every show I go to, no matter where I stand, a triumvirate of annoying, drunk, and unnecessarily brazen hipster girls always seem to set up camp a mere three inches from my person. Don’t get me wrong, I like tight-T-shirted/white-skirted/messy-haired/sleepy-eyed … [Read more...]

Deep Insight – Ivory Tower

Deep InsightIvory Tower It's difficult to fault a band for wearing its heart on its sleeve, but when it's worn as melodramatically as Finland's Deep Insight, the criticism just flows like a juiced-up bowel movement. The band's newest LP, Ivory Tower, is pregnant with howling, angsty, overly poetic lyrics and radio-friendly guitar rock, stale and … [Read more...]

From Bubblegum to Sky – Nothing Sadder than Lonely Queen

From Bubblegum to SkyNothing Sadder than Lonely Queen When I first put on Nothing Sadder than Lonely Queen it was a case of wrong record, wrong time. Actually it was leadoff track "Operation Big Beat" and its McCartney-esque piano froth circa "Your Mother Should Know," kinda cute but a shave too twee. Not as silly but possessing that same mincing … [Read more...]

Katrina and the Waves – The Original Recordings 1983-1984

Katrina and the WavesThe Original Recordings 1983-1984 Anybody remember Katrina and the Waves? They had that ubiquitous feel-good jangly slice of pop-music wonderfulness, "Walking on Sunshine"? Well, guess what? The band had other songs, too. A lot of them. I'm serious. All right, enough sarcasm. The Original Recordings collects all the tracks off … [Read more...]

Harris – New Morning Pulse

HarrisNew Morning Pulse Harris is trying to start a trend of naming your band after a last name. Yeah, probably not the best idea but it's infinitely better than naming your band The Stills, The Pills, The Swills, The Kills, etc. Wouldn't you agree? The group doesn't play garage rock or anything like that, it's more like power pop that's bouncy … [Read more...]

Daniel G. Harmann – The Lake Effect

Daniel G. HarmannThe Lake EffectI think it's fall. I think it's sweater weather, even though its on the cusp of 70 degrees right now. I think its one of those days where I should lock myself in my room and gaze out the window at leaves falling from the trees. I listen to Daniel G. Harmann's The Lake Effect, and I feel like being sad and rocking … [Read more...]

Madvillain – Madvillainy

MadvillainMadvillainyFollowing Madlib's disappointing Jaylib release, the future of Madlib collaborations looked rather dim. Madlib is a prolific artist, to say the least, but he seems to rush his works on before he's really thought them through. There was only one thing that could offer instant salvation, a quick fix, a 180-degree turn in one … [Read more...]

Hero Pattern – Cut You Out

Hero PatternCut You Out If you're looking to get your rock on but the over-the-top metal stylings of The Darkness causes you to giggle, the posturing and machismo of Good Charlotte makes you gag, and the under-razor's-edge nihilism of A.F.I. leaves you drained, Hero Pattern might be your rock saviors. They nail down the tireless themes and energy … [Read more...]

Kitchens and Bathrooms – Vehicles Beyond

Kitchens and BathroomsVehicles Beyond I wasn't quite sure what to expect from Kitchens and Bathrooms, a math-rock trio that hails from Hamilton, Ontario. Lately, when I hear the term math rock being thrown around, I tend to think of dense, highly cerebral music that is focused more on intricate song structures and high-wire instrumentation than on … [Read more...]

The Hurricane Lamps – Sing Me a Song

The Hurricane LampsSing Me a SongThe end of every Hurricane Lamps track on the band's fourth release, Sing Me a Song, may be a masterpiece but you wouldn't know, because it can feel so difficult sometimes to get there. Like many bands of the sunshine indie pop-rock variety, Hurricane Lamps have toyed with the airy playfulness of a quickly strummed … [Read more...]