Medic – Greetings and Amputations EP

Greetings and Amputations EP

When one hears about a hardcore band from Maryland, one of two things usually pops up that person’s mind; DC/Fugazi revivalist-type band or something more along the lines of Pg. 99. With one look at the cover art with it’s bleeding and bandaged arms and after reading the title of the album, Greetings and Amputations, I had my mind set more on Pg. 99 than Fugazi.
Well, Medic is definitely not a Fugazi revivalist band, but it is not completely reliant on the Pg. 99/Virginia sound either. So I was actually pretty surprised when I popped this puppy in to find a caustic mix of emotional hardcore, thrash, and straight-up metal. I’m always welcoming surprises. The thrash elements on this album really set Medic apart from a lot of the other bands from the East Coast going for the more brutal tech/grind influence. Rather than relentless drum pummeling and endless time shifts, these boys go for the throat with blistering guitars and harsh throaty vocals.
Right off the bat, Medic’s musicians impressed me with their guitar speed. Honestly, these dudes must have huge forearms. The second half of “Breathing Ashes, Spitting Scabs” goes to show that they can do more than play with speed, with its mammoth grooves that remind me somewhat of Coalesce. “Splitting Atoms” is a nonstop thrash-fest full of palm-muted riffs and plenty of chugging to get your mosh on. There is even a guitar solo in the EP closer “One Last Rule.”
The only complaint I have with this EP is that it is too short at only about ten and a half minutes. The first and last tracks take up most of the time coming in at 4:23 and 3:22, respectively, which is over half of the EP. Despite this, Greetings and Amputations does exactly what it’s supposed to do because it got me excited for their next release, so kudos for that.
Rising from the ashes of Process is Dead, De Nada, and Super Chinchilla Rescue mission, and already waging a fierce reputation from manic live performances, Medic looks to take the scene by storm. If you are into any of the aforementioned bands, you should check this out.