Harris – New Morning Pulse

New Morning Pulse

Harris is trying to start a trend of naming your band after a last name. Yeah, probably not the best idea but it’s infinitely better than naming your band The Stills, The Pills, The Swills, The Kills, etc. Wouldn’t you agree?
The group doesn’t play garage rock or anything like that, it’s more like power pop that’s bouncy and upbeat, but a little bit more off-kilter than straight forward. Take for instance the opener “Tip of My Tongue” – at first it seems pretty non descript pop song, but there is a bit of bite and dissonance lurking beneath the surface. It’s like a lot of pop with the slightest bit of a DC sound. Each track features a bit of angular guitar work that takes off a bit of the sugary taste of the songs.
A vague comparrison could be made to Q and Not U. However, Harris is more concerned with putting pop at the forefront than the Dischord band. Harris’s meshing of dissonance is a good thing. It makes the group more unpredictable and imaginary than your average pop band. With six songs, the group has found a good balance between pop and bite.
While the formula is a good start, the disc is not without shortcomings. “Burn this Mother Down” is the exception to the band’s pop style. It’s an oddball sleazy, spazzy rock number, and it must be considered a joke. And for a band that claims an affinity for pop and wears this influence proudly on its sleeve, there’s often a lack of hooks and some thin production.
The quirky pop Harris plays will win some hearts in the indie-rock underground because it is fresh enough to command some attention. Though this debut is only six tracks, final judgment might prove premature. The jury is still out on this one. There’s definitely some promise, and there’s definitely some room for improvement.