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The Elected – Me First

The ElectedMe First Some static, maybe a little piano, a distorted drum machine that sounds like it's been thrown down a flight of stairs, a theramin that acts like it's scared of itself, a few notes from a female opera singer, and an acoustic guitar warming up. This is all in just the first 25 seconds of the debut release by The Elected entitled … [Read more...]

Apollo Up – Light the End and Burn it Through

Apollo UpLight the End and Burn it Through"Saw Her Standing There," the first track on Apollo Up's searing debut Light the End and Burn it Through, defines everything the band is, everything the band can be, and everything the band is not. A wave of excitement came over me as the opening strains of bass and God Lives Underwater-esque synth tones … [Read more...]

The Hurt Process – Drive By Monologue

The Hurt ProcessDrive By Monologue Attention all girls between the ages of 13 and 17!!! Want to get a head start on your friends and be the "cool" one who knew The Hurt Process before they exploded with popularity? Well read on young ones, read on. The Hurt Process plays the oh-so-popular brand of "hardcore" that features plenty of vocal … [Read more...]

The Method and Result – The Things You Miss EP

The Method and ResultThe Things You Miss EPAfter the first listen, The Method and Result's mish-mash of electronic beats and sound samples of everyday objects with drums, guitars and Megan Wendell's alluring vocals don't seem to go together. Vocals often travel at half speed in comparison to the rhythms, but every time the six-song EP repeats, … [Read more...]

Spanish for 100 – Newborn Driving

Spanish for 100Newborn DrivingI've got to say that, even though this record isn't all that bad, Spanish for 100 has got to be one of the worst band names I've ever heard. That being said, I'll forgive them and we'll try and forget about that for now. I am not a big fan of alt-country or power-pop type rock, and that is pretty much what this is, but … [Read more...]

Despistado – The Emergency Response EP

DespistadoThe Emergency Response EP There's a very good reason this EP is titled The Emergency Response. If you're ever at a dull office party, and everyone is bored to tears, just slap this EP in the stereo system. The masses of formerly non-moving schmucks at the party will be shakin some booty and bustin' a move on the dance floor, and that … [Read more...]

Of Montreal – Satanic Panic in the Attic

Of MontrealSatanic Panic in the Attic Of Montreal's debut album for Polyvinyl Records is a simple exercise in bright, energetic-if somewhat vapid-pop music. The band's slackerish indie tendencies often undercut some of its better rhythmic and melodic ideas, as does the compressed, muted sound of the mix. At times, though, genuine inspiration breaks … [Read more...]

Lambchop – Bath – Bath Pavilion, England – 2004-04-19

LambchopWhere: Bath - Bath Pavilion, England.When: 2004-04-19On the last night of yet another near sold-out tour of the UK, you might have expected the collective Lambchop mood to have been pitched somewhere just above that of a triumphant premier-league football team at the end of a successful season. But then this is Lambchop we’re talking about; … [Read more...]

Calexico – Black Heart EP

CalexicoBlack Heart EPFor a band whose "official' album catalogue contains four lengthy entries (i.e. 1997's Spoke, 1998's The Black Light, 2000's Hot Rail, and 2003's Feast of Wire), and whose "non-official' output is over double that (through tour-CDs, compilation tracks, singles, and EPs) it seems a tad strange that Calexico's latest Europe-only … [Read more...]

Fey Ray – I Wanna Be New and Perfect

Fey RayI Wanna Be New and Perfect Fey Ray presents a field of minimalist instrumental sounds over which the quartet layers complex rock tenor harmonies. Fey Ray fans note that the Seattle band represents a cross between the lilting vocals of Nick Drake and the mature rock attitude of Fugazi, as its eclectic influences range from art-rock to prog to … [Read more...]