The Jetsuns – Observatory EP

The Jetsuns
Observatory EP

With way better-than-average production for a self-released six-song EP, The Jetsuns’ debut (Observatory) fuses modern rock with a slightly spacey side that mainly explores different guitar textures but is just as strong as the band’s radio-rock hooks. The brainchild of Jeremy McCord (guitar, vocals), with compatriots Brandon Gray (drums) and Ed Young (bass) supplying an incredibly solid and creative rhythm section, the Jetsuns translate odd textures and sounds into catchy melodies. Super fuzzy guitar riffs abound with delay, phase, and reverb set on stun for just the right effect. Playing since 2000, the band has built a local following in Austin, TX, playing out constantly and incessantly.
While “Gas Mask” and “2nd Best” might be catchier songs, the centerpiece of the album is “The Real Thing,” followed closely by “Boeing 777.” “Back 2 Earth” isn’t catchy or creative enough to match its brethren, and the song “Inter-mission” (track five) is really just a short instrumental break between tracks four and six. Not often, but sometimes on these tracks the band tries to stretch the compositions with instrumental sections that don’t expand the song in any significant way.
“The Real Thing” is not one of those songs. When the band extends the song, it works because the melody and structure changes as the musicians delve into the theme and emotion of the song. “The Real Thing” unifies all the elements of The Jetsuns into one cohesive statement, with a cool trumpet melody, simple but creative guitar and bass playing, fantastic drum patterns, breaks, and fills, and intergalactic effects. The song is crafted out of three separate passages that repeat, but with variations that add to it, rather than just distract or meaninglessly extending the song.
Already at work on a new album, these musicians shouldn’t have any trouble adding new fans if they continue to hone their sound and songs.