Some Kind of Hate – Undisputed

Some Kind of Hate

Prepare to be pummeled. Not by spin-kick-inducing breakdowns or scathing screams. No my friend, this is a whole different type of brutality. I’m talking circle pit here. I’m talking about leather jackets and middle fingers. Having played out with the likes of Cro-Mags, Death Threat, Hatebreed, and Madball, Some Kind of Hate is poised to take its late 80s New York/early 80s Boston hardcore to the streets and probably kick a few asses along the way.
For a long, long time I could never get into this type of hardcore. Perhaps it’s because I’m a decade behind, or maybe it’s because for a long time the only thing I wanted to do is have cool hair and show off my spin kicks. For whatever reason, lately I can’t get enough of this shit. I absolutely love it. There is just so much more passion, anger, and most importantly attitude. Just take a look at the album cover if you don’t believe me.
Hailing from the Boston area, Some Kind of Hate brings the old-school, and being on Bridge9, you know exactly what to expect. All the essentials are in place: gang vocals, fast riffs, gruff yelling, and of course the old-school breakdown. Not one song on Undisputed breaks the two-minute mark; add to that there is only 12 songs, making for a very short full-length. In fact, I’ve already listened to this album three times since I started the review.
My favorite song on Undisputed is definitely “All My Hero’s.” Everything about this song is just classic. It opens up with Matt Pike grunting “Maybe your ears would hear me better if my hands were around your fucking neck again.” Now if that isn’t fucking pissed off, I don’t know what is. “Fuck These People” talks about the cheapening of hardcore and all the stupid trends. It ends fittingly with gang vocals yelling “fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, I’m through with you.”
If you like angry old-school hardcore or the word “fuck,” this album has your name written all over it. If you don’t… fuck off because this is one of the best old-school-influenced albums I have heard in a long time. If this sound like your thing at all, I recommend picking up a copy of Undisputed.