One Last November – Reason Why

One Last November
Reason Why

Appearances can be deceptive, names doubly so: thus upon receiving an MP3 written by two chaps called Jordan and Soda I was tempted to check that I hadn’t somehow been made the target of some new viral marketing campaign for the latest fun and fizzy beverage offer. Fortunately, my extensive background in abstinence has always protected me from such temptation; and fortunately for all of you at home, too, as this MP3 wasn’t as half as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The band is a two-man affair, with Soda providing the vocals (although he can usually be found playing with his main project, My Mighty Robot) and Jordan doing pretty much everything else. Frowning indie-rock is the order of the day here, heartfelt vocals, meaningful guitar strums, roaring electrics coming in on the chorus, processed drums underscoring everything; you know the drill, Mr. Reznor.

Yet it does show some promise. Soda can certainly carry a tune, but the track benefits from burying his vocals in the mix and focusing the listener’s attention on the instrumentation. The echoey singing works better lurking behind the main guitar line, making the listener strain a little to make it out. Topped off with some decent acoustic rhythm guitar, I rather liked this, and hope the two find their voice and give us something a little more original next time, as they obviously don’t lack talent.