Jenny Choi – Postcard Stories

Jenny Choi
Postcard Stories

The first thing I thought when I got Jenny Choi’s Postcard Stories was, “Jesus, Jenny is a good-looking woman,” the second was, “Why I have I never heard this before!?” Both questions will be obvious ones to anyone who has seen or heard Jenny Choi and her Postcard Stories, a phenomenal pop album that is so much more.
As soon as Postcard Stories is played, any listener will recognize the album’s main strength immediately: Jenny Choi’s fantastic voice. Throughout the album, her voice is sugar sweet, and her songs are filled great vocal expression that works perfectly over all the tracks. Singing with great versatility, she shows us how multi faceted her voice is in a number of tracks. In “Prometheus,” Choi’s voice is like dark velvet, as she seductively croons in a style that wouldn’t sound out of place on the album of female jazz singer. Choi alternates between styles throughout the album, her voice sounds just as comfortable singing like we’d expect on a pop album: sugar-sweet and upbeat as hell, as in “Driving.”
Choi’s singing, though giving the album its strong backbone, is not the only element of Postcard Stories that shines bright. In the style of Ben Folds Five, Choi drives each track with keyboard, giving the album an overall feeling of frantic happiness. While her keyboard gives the album a lot of its mood and tempo, it can sometimes overpower the vocals, making them second place instead of their rightful first, as is the case in “First Day.” Aside from this, however, the album is driven in part by her strong keyboard. Unlike a lot of other pop, which can be repetitive and unimaginative, Choi branches out into songs whose jazz influence is plainly evident. “Plastic Mask” features wa-wa and funk guitar, and sounds more like Santana then Ben Folds.
Jenny Choi’s Postcard Stories is a stellar pop album, driven by Choi’s keyboard and fantastic voice. With obvious influences ranging from the more recent Ben Folds Five-era pop, to jazz and jazz-rock like Santana. Listeners will be amazed by Choi’s full voice, which is sweet and full of expression, and its great versatility in style. Postcard Stories will make anyone wonder why Jenny Choi’s not getting any wide airplay, and with good reason.