Inner Surge – Beneficial Fever

Inner Surge
Beneficial Fever

Holy shit! Now, I know that many bands have friends in unlikely places: Dire Straits had Tony Blair (PM of the UK, for the politically challenged); Bob Marley had Teddy Taylor (ok, another Brit politician); Radiohead have Vladimir Putin (note to self: check that last reference…). And now, to this list of immortals, we can add Inner Surge and…Steven Hawking? Well, it certainly sounds like you’re listening to the dulcet tones of ol’ mister Dark Matter when you first enter Inner Surge’s website.

And who could blame him? The band, for the most part a one-man project from Steve Moore, is a curious mix of metal and ProTools, a kind of make-your-own-Metallica that sounds a lot better than that encapsulated description. Steve has a firm grasp of songwriting and recording that gives his band’s output a professional, measured sheen that shows off progressive metal chops perfectly. It’s often hard to make me listen to anything that deviates from the righteous path of indie-rock; Inner Surge succeed by targeting the lyrics to appeal to the sad leftist in me, yet also by giving the basic sound an intriguing top-coat of electronic flourishes that seems to be frequently struggling to throw off the rock-based template that the songs being with. Recommended for those who mourn late period Rage Against the Machine, or anyone who likes their metal with a dash of innovation.