Come on Die Young – All the Other Cool Kids are Doing It

Come on Die Young
All the Other Cool Kids are Doing It

All the Other Cool Kids are Doing It is the debut full-length from Come on Die Young, released on Greenbelt, Maryland’s Graceless Records. This release is hot on the heels of a split cassette with Theath on Tract Records. I haven’t heard the split, so this is my first experience with CoDY, and what a bizarre trip it has been.
Let me start by saying this is my first experience with something this noisy. I’ve heard bits and pieces of noisy groups and such, but never had to try to digest 35 minutes of it and write a review, so perhaps I’m not fully qualified to be doing this review, but I will try my darnedest. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally into ambiance and atmospherics, but straight up noise like this is a first for me.
Come on Die Young is the brainchild of the Swedish electronic artist David Wenngren. I’m not familiar with his name, but word on the street is he is fairly big in his homeland. David is already working on the follow-up album and is trying to get together a full band to tour with. Sounds like Mr. Wenngren has his hands full.
All the Other Cool Kids are Doing It combines twisted, childlike melodies with harsh layer upon layer of loops and delays to form an intense noisy foreground. I like how the music is arranged like that – its sort of backwards in my mind. I would normally expect there to be a melody in the foreground with a noisy backdrop, but this is quite the opposite.
Another thing I find sort of strange with this release is the song lengths. The 35 minutes of this full-length is comprised of 12 songs. If you do the math, that is less than three minutes per song. Typically I would expect to hear longer song of at least eight minutes. I think the length of the songs is actually really deterrent to what Wenngren is capable of. The briefness of the songs disallows much movement within the songs. To me, if you are going to release a record along the lines of this one, the song should be long and epic and have plenty of movement to keep things interesting. Transversely, this albums songs just sort of start, play through, and end. There are no changes in the sounds, no dynamics, no discernable structures…. just noise.
I have a buddy who is really into this sort of thing, and I’m sure he will wet his pants at first listen. I just cannot seem to get into this CD. However, I think if David wanted to, he could put out some really great music. Maybe balancing some of the noise with some structure and making longer songs with flooding movements would help. I just don’t get it I guess.