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Various Artists – The Pill: Tomorrow Never Happened

Various ArtistsThe Pill: Tomorrow Never Happened The Pill, an ultra-scene club for the hep indie-turned-mod dancers of the late 90s and early 00s, defined the underground style of Boston until its cadence in 2002. This clubhouse, originally located in The Upstairs Lounge, was the home of highly respected DJs Ken and Jen who were largely responsible … [Read more...]

The Frequency – S/T

The FrequencyS/T Video may have killed the radio star, but digital recording technology killed just about any pop band that hit the record button in the 80s. Sadly, most bands back then put to much faith in the then "cutting edge" sound. Digital recording and effects were in their infancy and they were nothing near the specs that we have today. The … [Read more...]

Descendents – ‘merican EP

Descendents‘merican EP Reviewing a Descendents release is kind of like eating your favorite ice cream. You pretty much know what you're in for before it even hits your lips. Basically, the Descendents are the grandpapies of punk-pop. Much like the Ramones, Stooges, and countless other pioneers of various punk angles, they get heaps of props and … [Read more...]

Trapist – Ballroom

TrapistBallroomMusically, Trapist remind me of a story I recently heard. A guy at a spring training baseball game announced to the crowd that he intended to complete "The 999," meaning he would attempt to eat nine hot dogs and drink nine beers during the course of the nine inning game. The crowd immediately began passing word of this incredible … [Read more...]

The One AM Radio – A Name Writ in Water

The One AM RadioA Name Writ in Water This review will never do justice to the beauty of A Name Writ in Water. Honestly folks, you need to hear this to understand. Even the packaging is beautiful with its gray translucent cover of an endless ocean horizon, which is a good physical description of the music, endless shades of gray splendor. … [Read more...]

Local H – Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles?

Local HWhatever Happened to P.J. Soles?Local H. You might remember this as the band that didn't have a bassist. What was borderline-innovative back in the late 90s can now almost be considered old-hat. Paving the way for such artists as the White Stripes and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, bands can now feel comfortable forging ahead without having to find … [Read more...]

Inner Surge – Beneficial Fever

Inner SurgeBeneficial FeverHoly shit! Now, I know that many bands have friends in unlikely places: Dire Straits had Tony Blair (PM of the UK, for the politically challenged); Bob Marley had Teddy Taylor (ok, another Brit politician); Radiohead have Vladimir Putin (note to self: check that last reference…). And now, to this list of immortals, we can … [Read more...]

Black Heart Procession – In the Fishtank, Vol. 11

Black Heart ProcessionIn the Fishtank, Vol. 11The Black Heart Procession is probably one of my favorite bands, making it hard for me to review this record accurately without being biased. I immediately want to say that anything I didn't like about this collaboration was the fault of Solbakken. I say this, because I have no idea what kind of band … [Read more...]

Jenny Choi – Postcard Stories

Jenny ChoiPostcard Stories The first thing I thought when I got Jenny Choi's Postcard Stories was, "Jesus, Jenny is a good-looking woman," the second was, "Why I have I never heard this before!?" Both questions will be obvious ones to anyone who has seen or heard Jenny Choi and her Postcard Stories, a phenomenal pop album that is so much more. … [Read more...]

Eric Thompson – Locally World Famous

Eric ThompsonLocally World Famous Gram Parsons called it Cosmic American Music, a term that reflected the paisley aesthetic of the late 60s. But this curious little sub-genre has managed to morph itself into various incarnations since then, from the 70s peaceful, easy California Country, to too-slick 1980s country pop, to the alt-country boom of … [Read more...]