With Broken Wings – In My Dreams

With Broken Wings
In My Dreams

Down By Law, man. “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream”…classic moment in a classic film stuffed chocko with classic moments. Strangely, it’s a scene that pops into my head when I’m listening to With Broken Wings, a competent if unremarkable five-piece emo-ish band from Monterey Park, CA.

Or perhaps not, given the tonsil-abusing tendencies of lead singer Larry Fernandez. After yet another eardrum-shredding scream it’s difficult to resist the temptation to throw the lad a pint of Hagen-Das and recommend a visit to the dentist. But enough of the mindless banter: what about the music? Well, for a band that has an average age of, ohhh, about 7 (ok, ok, 17), these guys have a decent grasp of dynamics and can write a good heads-down-thrashy-in-a-punky-way-but-you-could-sing-along-if-you-wanted-to tune.

Some of the tracks on the several websites that they link to from their main site are a little rough n’ready (a few missed beats here and there spoiling the headbangers’ heaven), but “In My Dreams” is a strong tune played with conviction (man). It’s decently enough produced, too, and the general professionalism of the band’s website and their current touring schedule suggests that these guys could well escape average-ville if they get some label interest. If nothing else, the advance on the first disc should help to pay Larry’s dental bills.