Snapcase – Bright Flashes

Bright Flashes

Snapcase was mixing the sounds of Fugazi and Black Flag long before today’s “post-hardcore” bonanza, and with the recent explosion of post-hardcore and emo-core into the mainstream media via Thursday among others, I wonder why Snapcase hasn’t garnered more big media attention through the years. Perhaps it’s because as the genre developed, adding melodies and lyrics about heartbreak, Snapcase stayed true to its hardcore roots. Snapcase stuck with heavier arrangements and massive tempo shifts, as opposed to melodic structures; Daryl Taberski never abandoned his signature wail for clean vocals; the lyrics maintained personal and political ideas rather than the band members’ latest crushes. For this, I respect Snapcase, but I can’t seem to get into the band. Bright Flashes certainly isn’t doing it for me either.
Bright Flashes sees Snapcase collecting odds and ends and thrusting it into record stores with reckless abandonment. I say this because all the typical boring bullshit you would expect from a collection like this is in place, including remorseful remixes and convoluted covers. Although Snapcase chose some fairly interesting bands to cover (Helmet, Devo, Jane’s Addiction), these covers still fall terribly short. Vocalist Daryl Taberski does a particularly horrible rendition of Devo’s “Freedom of Choice.” The remixes presented here are terrible. Under no circumstances should Snapcase’s sound be coupled with electronic beats.
I often wonder what it is that makes bands release shitty collections like this. I’ve mulled over it several times, and my logic tells me their reasoning falls into one of three categories: contractual obligations, money, or pure laziness. Regardless of their motives, this release does little to impress me.
If you are a longtime diehard fan of Snapcase, I’m sure you will love this, and chances are you already own it. For you passive Snapcase listeners, buy 1995’s Lookinglasself instead. And for those of you who dislike Snapcase, I’m sure you stopped reading this a while ago.