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The First Person to See an Elephant – Tout est Factice

The First Person to See an ElephantTout est FacticeSomeone should slap me, for I have been a bad critic. I received this album, and instantly it struck me as not cool for the following reasons: 1. It has weird, weird art of random things. 2. It came with a mess of extras, among them a slide - as would be used for a slide projector - of a park. 3. … [Read more...]

Coco Candissi – Impedimenta

Coco CandissiImpedimentaRemember the 80s? Well, some of us cringe and some of us smile, but invariably, everyone remembers the 80s. You can't lie...I KNOW YOU DO. Anyway, Coco Candissi definitely remembers the 80s. I bet these musicians still all wear jelly shoes and like the Care Bears, cause this album is 80s to the max. (Rad!) Sporting a … [Read more...]

The Wannadies – Before & After

The WannadiesBefore & After I woke up this morning with a splitting headache most likely caused from the pint glass of cheap champagne I used as a night cap. Dumb idea. After sleeping half the morning away, I remembered I had poetry work due and a review I wanted to get around to editing. "Why not plan more efficiently," I can hear my mother … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Lost Highway: Lost & Found, Vol. 1

Various ArtistsLost Highway: Lost & Found, Vol. 1Lost Highway Records has, over the last few years, become the music industry's answer to Miramax Films (accusations about Harvey Weinstein's personality and shady dealings notwithstanding). The label has cornered the market for sophisticated, critically acclaimed music that defies both the … [Read more...]

Single Frame – Wetheads Come Running

Single FrameWetheads Come Running Ugh! Not another Austin band! ...Trail of Dead was so-o-o-o over-hyped, and Spoon needs to learn how to add hooks to its songs, fer chrissakes! And Emo's? I hate that place! It's so-o-o-o 2002! Ugh! Austin is worse than Williamsburg, dood, and I LIVE in Williamsburg. Gag me with a spoon! Well, you're wrong, … [Read more...]

The Homosexuals – The Homosexuals’ CD

The HomosexualsThe Homosexuals’ CDReplete with tape hiss, buffeting vocals, and shoddy production, The Homosexuals' CD storms into your headphones with a snotty, DIY, art-school know-how, and not the kind that makes you want to choke the musicians involved with their skinny ties or break their wrap-around shades with knuckled intentions. No, the … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Paisley & Twee

Various ArtistsPaisley & Twee Paisley & Twee is a 26-song compilation of the work of four bands, roughly an EP's worth of shiny, bouncy (and kinda hissy) tunes each; your tolerance of this depends on your tolerance of twee of course. That might seem to be an obvious claim that would hold equally true for any form of music, right? But like … [Read more...]

Doug Hoekstra – Waiting

Doug HoekstraWaiting As a singer, Doug Hoekstra is a great lyricist. As a lyricist, Doug Hoekstra is genuinely very good, which helps his cause a lot. While his hoarse whisper and the threadbare arrangements sometimes struggle to keep these songs afloat, the intriguing words gave me hope that a man with a vision was behind this release. Eventually, … [Read more...]

Pangs – Stalemates and Sad Pastimes

PangsStalemates and Sad Pastimes Okay, my first beef with this release is the band's claim that "Pangs refers to their unique, undefinable sound as new/no wave rock, a blend of indie pop with 60's pop and the sonic density of My Bloody Valentine circa Loveless." What? Maybe this statement was for a different band, because I hear none of those … [Read more...]

Camera Obscura – Under Achievers Please Try Harder

Camera ObscuraUnder Achievers Please Try HarderI love the word Glaswegian. It sounds like a sandwich (I'll have a Glaswegian on rye), or a brand name of stylish rubber boots (are those Glaswegians you're wearing?), or a magical orb of death used in a Dungeons & Dragons (Nay I shall defeat your broadsword attack with seven Glaswegians of Might). Yet … [Read more...]