North Side Kings – Allied Forces

North Side Kings
Allied Forces

Thorp Records is becoming quite the giant in the tough-guy hardcore scene with recent roster additions such as Madball, My Revenge, Skare Tactic, and Blood for Blood. Allied Forces is no less important as it sees modern contemporaries Stampin’ Ground and North Side Kings covering songs from their childhood heroes.
UK brass-knucklers Stampin’ Ground kick off this thrashfest with their tasty renditions of classics by the likes of Judge, Voi-Lence, Cro-Mags, Knuckledust, Agnostic Front, and Inside Out. Their cover of “Malfunction” by Cro-Mags is spot-on. The drums are heavy as all get-up and very impressive. The guitars of Antony Mobray and Scott Atkins are ridiculously heavy and crunchy.
The North Side Kings portion of this split is a little less impressive to me. However, I think their song choice is slightly better covering S.O.D., D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies, and coincidentally the same Cro-Mags song. They even cover The A-Team theme song, which is a nice touch. Their cover of S.O.D.’s “Fuck the Middle East” is, in a word, awesome. In the liner notes, the band is quoted saying, “I don’t think we need to explain why we chose this song. S.O.D. was way ahead on this on. Those countrys [sic] are a bunch of fucking trouble making cocksuckers,” which is absolutely hilarious to me.
One thing I found somewhat odd about this split is both bands opted to cover “Malfunction” by Cro-Mags. I understand Cro-Mags must have been very influential to both bands, but they could have at least done different songs. Also, why the hell are there no Earth Crisis covers?!
This split is tough-as-nails old-school hardcore performed by today’s stars. So tough, in fact, I accidentally kicked my mom in the face while doing a one-man circle-pit in my bedroom. When she tried to confront me I just said, “Kiss off, mom. I just wanna rock!” Then I promptly strapped on my Vans, hopped on my skateboard, and rode off in the sunset. Not really, but that is everyone’s hardcore fantasy, right? No?