Jenesis – O Passageiro da Madrugada

O Passageiro da Madrugada

Fluffing hell! It’s the Brazilian Stone Roses! No, surely it’s Beck, having a holiday in Rio de Janeiro? Hang on, hang on, I know a borrowed Stones riff when I hear it – its those Scottish reprobates Primal Scream, trying to get a tan? Right? Right?!?

Wrong. It’s Jenesis, Rio de Janeiro’s favorite sons, comin’ atcha from a time and a place where using the drum loop from James Brown’s “Funky Drummer” never went out of fashion. Add a large dollop of ‘tude straight from the Exile on Main Street-era Rolling Stones, garnish with assorted yelping and basso profundo spoken word, and serve to a bewildered Scotsman. Strap yourselves in and pass the butter, captain.

Actually, I rather liked it. Especially the bit where the lead singer/speaker goes “yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” while the rest of the band/loops/computers/samplers/no idea sound as though they’re about to explode. It’s a bit disposable, the kind of song that reveals its shallowness after a few plays, but like the Constitution, it’s nice while it lasts. This is the kind of song that sounds good after a few beers and even better after a few more: it does well to peak one’s interest in Jenesis. Certainly a song worth checking out, maybe even a song worth sticking on your Friday night mixtape.